My computer is low on memory - 7 steps to fix (Windows 7 / windows 8 / Windows 8.1


Sometimes when you are running your computer then suddenly you get a warning message that your computer is running low on memory. What are the signals of Low memory? You get a warning message as shown above. Your computer runs slowly. It takes long time to open the program. If you click on the start […]

5 sites to measure your website loading speed for free


Webpage loading speed is one of the important factor. It is the one which affect the bounce rate of your site. Also it is one of the factor which affects Google page ranking. If your site is slow then people will move away from it. So, you need to optimize your site for faster loading. […]

How to know if Facebook account login page is fake or real (10 steps)


Facebook is no doubt the most popular social media platform. People use it to post their feelings, pictures and share their emotions. But the sad part is because of Facebook people has lost their privacy. If not configured the settings properly, people can download your picture from Facebook and use it for their own purpose. […]

10 + sites for downloading and converting Youtube video to mp3 online (No software to download)


Remember the old days when we used to listen songs using cassette player. There used to be around 10-12 tracks. Then we had audio CD’s where we had 14-15 songs. Then came the songs in mp3 which revolutionized the way we listen songs. We had more than 100 songs in a CD. That means we […]

3 different ways to log into your Facebook account


How to enable Facebook notification to know if someone else has logged into your account How to log out Your Facebook account remotely  from another computer  Facebook is the most popular social media. There is no doubt. Until now you may have been using only your email address as a user name to log into […]

5 software to make a bootable USB for windows 7/Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 or Windows 10


What is a bootable Windows USB? It is the USB which is used for booting the computer and installing Windows or  for any other purpose such as Data recovery or Troubleshooting purpose. All the booting files are stored in the computer so that you can boot the computer from the USB instead of the hard […]

Top 11 things to do when your computer restarts randomly


Do your computer restarts randomly while you are in the middle of your work? If so, then you may lose any unsaved data. So, if your computer restarts randomly without your intention then you can follow the below steps to troubleshoot the problem. Check the Cables: The first thing is to check the cables. If […]

Two ways to change a color photo into black and white or Graysclae in Photoshop CS6


First Way Open Photoshop. Click File  and open the color picture which you want to covert into black and white. Click on “Image” – “Adjustment” – “Black & white“. Click on “OK“.   Second Way Click on “Image” – “Adjustment” – “Desaturate“. Now the color photo changes into black and white or Grayscale.

How to save webpage as pdf in Firefox and in Chrome

pdf logo

In Firefox For saving Webpage in Firefox we will use an add-on named “Save as pdf”. Download and install the app. Once the add-on is installed you can see this icon at the top left corner of the address bar. Now open the webpage which you want to save as pdf. Click on the “save […]

ZenMate: Free Vpn to open blocked sites (Facebook) or install blocked apps


In some countries, your ISP blocks some website such as Faceboom Youtube etc. If you want to browse those websites then you need to use proxy sites or VPN (Virtual Private Network). It creates a secure connection between your computer and the remote server. Your IP address will be hidden. You can use Free VPN […]