How to view YouTube videos and work in any program at the same time


Have you ever wondered how you can watch YouTube videos and work at the same time. May be until now what you used to do was to open YouTube video and minimize the windows so that you can work in any other program. In this tutorial I will show you how … [Continue reading]

How to email files directly from Google drive without downloading and saving them to a computer

google drive

If you are sending an email then I am sure that you are using either Microsoft outlook or web based email services such as Gmail, yahoo to send it. Or maybe you have your email with a domain name such as and you are using an email client … [Continue reading]

How to authorize or cancel third party apps access to your Facebook account


Facebook has become so popular that you can use your Facebook account to log into different other sites. Sites such as Pinterest can be logged in with either the username which you have used to sign up for Pinterest or with your Facebook … [Continue reading]

How to know if your Facebook acccount still exist or not and reset password for it


No doubt Facebook is the most used social media in Today’s word. People use Facebook for different reasons. A common may uses Facebook for personal use; in touch to remain with his friends and relatives. A celebrity may use it to be in touch with … [Continue reading]

How to solve the error The user profile service service failed the login in windows 7


What if you start your computer and then while logging into your user account you get an error message “The user profile service service failed to logon”. This happens when your user profile can’t be loaded because of error in your profile. … [Continue reading]

How to convert an excel file to PDF for free without using email address (Both online and offline)


If you are looking for ways to convert an excel file to PDF for free then in this article, I will show you two ways. One is online and the other is offline. Both ways are free of use and have their own advantages. Method 1 of 2: Offline using Free … [Continue reading]

How to dowload mp3 songs or videos online for free by using songr in a windows or mac pc


All of us like to listen and download songs to our PC or an mp3 player so that we can listen it later on. The problem is we need to look for different sites to find out the song to download it. We may go to "YouTube" for finding the video songs and … [Continue reading]

Top 24 seo mistakes that can be made by anyone knowingly or unknowingly


What is SEO and why is it so important SEO is the short form of search engine optimization. It is the process by which a site gets appeared in the search engine results. Preferably a site owners want to get appeared in the first page of search … [Continue reading]

How to create a password reset disk and use it to reset forgotten password for a user account


Password reset disk is created for a local user. That means you can only create a password reset disk for the user in that particular computer. If your computer is connected to a domain network then you can't create a password disk to reset the … [Continue reading]

How to change windows 7 logon screen background

windows tips

Method:          1. Using Free software                2. Using Registry Editor Windows logon screen is the welcome screen which Windows 7 displays when you start the computer. By default it will have a default image and … [Continue reading]

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