How to connect to a wireless network


The requirement for you to connect to a wireless network, at first, is to get internet from your Internet Service Provider. You should have a Wireless router to transmit the signal. Once you have these things got set up then you can begin the process of connecting to a wireless internet. Your computer should have […]

Wireless network no internet access problem

WiFi strength

You may have experienced sometimes that even though your computer is connected to Wireless network but you don’t have internet access. Wireless network with no internet access is one of the common problem. Below are some of the ways by which you can fix the problem. 1. Update the wireless network card:- If you have […]

How to open a PDF in word without using PDF reader

open pdf in word

PDF stands for printable document format. It is a popular media for sharing files including text, pictures. You can open PDF files using PDF reading software such as Adobe acrobat. You can use any Operating system such as Windows, MAC to open PDF file. What if you don’t have PDF reader software? You can still […]

11 tips for boosting your home wireless WiFi internet

WiFi network

WiFi internet is the most widely used form of internet at this time. If you are experiencing problems problems with your home WiFi internet signal then below are some points to solve this problem.      How to solve the internet connection problem of proxy server is refusing connection How to correctly install software downloaded […]

2 ways to find devices connected to your WiFi network

WiFi network

If your Wi-Fi network is running slow then your WiFi password might have been hacked and other devices might have connected to your WiFi network. So, to be sure you have to find out how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network. Below are the two ways. By logging into the Router’s page:- Now […]

How to recall a message sent fromGmail


If you have used Microsoft Outlook for a while then you may know that you can recall a send message before it is read by the recipient. You can do the same in Gmail. With “Gmail lab  ” feature you can undo send message within 60 seconds. Click on the settings gear icon on the […]

How to share a USB storage device over the same Wi-Fi network in Windows


Imagine that you and your friends have copied files from another system and then you want to use in your own computer. If you are few then you people can copy the files from the USB storage device to your own systems. But if you are more in number than it takes time for each […]

This is why your iPhone 5 or 5s may not be charging properly


Since last few weeks my iPhone 5s was not charging properly when I tried to charge it. I had to try many times to insert the USB charger cable connector to iPhone 5s many times and by trying for 15 – 20 times I would be successful in my attempt. Let me remind you that […]

Optimizine Windows 7 Start menu by removing the recently opened document

windows tips

Optimize Windows 7 Start menu When you click on “Start” button in Windows 7 you will see the list of recently opened documents and programs as shown below. On the left above “Start” button, you can see the list of programs and I have used recently. Now you may want to hide these programs for […]

How to perform virtual memory management in Windows 7 for faster performance


Before in 90′s our computers didn’t have more things to perform. We didn’t have programs which used to consume high memory. With the advancement in Software and hardware field we have programs which uses high memory to perform jobs such as designing, gaming. So, we need more memory. How much memory we install in our […]