How to backup and restore registry in Windows


Registry is the database where the settings and configurations for programs are stored. If you install any program then it creates entries in registry. If you want to make any changes in windows then you can do so in registry. To learn more about registry you can visit this article at Wikipedia. Remember that if […]

How to copy photos or videos from iPhone to computer via WiFi


Until this time you may have copied from iPhone to Computer by connecting a USB cable but in this tutorial I will show you how to copy files from iPhone to computer or from Computer to iPhone via WiFi. For this you need to download an app called “Simple Transfer” from Rambx. With Free version […]

How to clear cache and cookies in Firefox for faster performance

Firefox auto update

A cache is the method  by which browsers stores the images, information and webpages so that the next time if you request the same page then instead from the server the page is retained back from the cache memory. Whereas cookies the information stored about a particular website you visit. It records the history of […]

2 ways to find similar sites like yours


If you are continuously browsing internet for looking sites related to a particular niche then you may be searching for it in Google. You enter a particular term and search for the results. In this tutorial I will show you two ways by which you can find the top results similar to your site. 1. […]

How to change Google background image to your own picture in Chrome


Google is the most widely used search engine, there is no doubt on that. Whenever you type the URL of Google in the address you will see an image like below: But if you want you can change the background image of Google to your own picture. For this you need to download an extension […]

5 steps to fix network adapter problem in Windows

network adapterlogo

What is a Network Adapter and why do you need it? A network adapter is a small piece of hardware which lets you connect to the Local machine interconnected to the same network or a network adapter also lets you connect to the wireless internet. But sometimes you have the problem with the Network Adapter. […]

How to fix DNS server not responding issue : (3 ways)


Domain name server provides this name to the computer or devices which connect to the internet.  It consists of a client and a server. Every computer connected to the internet has an ip address assigned to the WiFi card or LAN card. Also the web address has an ip address. For example “” ip address […]

How to backup photos from iPhone to dropbox : 6 steps


If you are afraid of your pictures being deleted from iPhone then you can back up using dropbox. You get up to 3.5 GB of free space. Download and install “Dropbox” from apple “Appstore.” If you already have an account then sign up, if don’t then you have to create an account. As soon as […]

How to disable installing or deleting apps from iPhone


If you are not only the user of your iPhone then you can apply restriction for installing or deleting apps by other people. May be you have purchased an app and you don’t want others to delete it. Below are the steps for the process:- Press “Settings” icon on the home screen. Press “General” icon. […]

4 steps to turn off message preview on iPhone 5 or 5s ?


SMS stands for “short messaging service” which is a popular form of exchanging messages between mobile phones. For more information about SMS you can visit this article at Wikipedia. When you receive an SMS in your phone then the preview of the message can be seen even on the lock screen by default. But maybe […]