An easy way to prevent your google account from getting hacked (Google 2 step verification)


With the reach and increased use of internet by more and more people, the danger of getting your email account getting hacked is increasing every day. If by accidentally someone sees you type your password , then they can log into your account later on. So, in order to prevent this you can add an […]

Find and remove duplicate files and speed up your computer using a free software


With the period of time when you use your computer, you create files, download files from the internet. Your computer will be crowded with files. You may have duplicate files on your computer. It takes space. When your hard disk is crowded with files, then your computer will be slow. So, in this tutorial we […]

How to join PDF files together into single one

pdf logo

PDF stands for portable document format which is used widely for sharing files across the internet. If in any case you have two or more PDF which you want to combine or merge together then you can do it. For this we use a Free software called “Free PDF combiner” which can be downloaded from this […]

Download and use YouTube to mp3 converter for free

youtube to mp3 covnerter

YouTube is the most popular video searching software. You can find most of the songs uploaded by various users. Now may be you want to convert those video files to mp3 so that you can store it in your mp3 player or your phone and hear it later on.  If you are doing a workout […]

Select last known good configuration to remove computer startup problem

windows tips

Have you ever experienced that you had shut down your computer properly but when you are trying to start now then your computer is not starting. Or maybe you are using your computer and suddenly you experienced a problem and your computer shuts down. You try to switch on but you can’t. In this you […]

How to reset internet explorer settings to the default state


Internet explorer is the default web browser which comes installed in Windows.  Although there are more popular browsers such as Google chrome or Firefox but lot of people still use internet explorer. Now as you go on using internet explorer you might install knowingly or unknowingly different toolbars and extensions. What does this do is […]

How do i turn off internet explorer


Internet explorer is the default web browser which comes with Windows operating system. But there are other web browsers which are more popular than internet explorer such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. You may want to uninstall or turn off internet explorer. Below is the method for turning off internet explorer. Click on “Start” […]

How to turn off internet explorer popup blocker


What is a popup? A popup is a small advertisement window which appears at the top of the main window. Most of the time you may feel those popup window annoying, so you will turn on popup blocker. But there are times when you want to see the popup for certain sites. So, in this […]

How to enable login notifications on facebook


What is a notification? Notification is a message which is sent and received when some event occurs.  For example if you have activated Facebook login notification then whenever you log into Facebook using different device or browser then you will receive a notification message in your Facebook account or the primary email account which you […]

How to activate Facebook email


Facebook email is an optional email address for your Facebook account. It is based on the username of the Facebook account. So, if the user name is “abc” then the Facebook email address will be “”. You need to understand that the Facebook email address is based on the primary email address which you use […]