How to auto shutdown computer at a specified date and time


Have you ever wanted to finish a certain work on your computer and turn it off after that? May be you have an important work outside and at the same time you are downloading or doing something in your system. You know that it is going to end at a certain time. In this case […]

How to download cool nature wallpaper for free: (2 ways)


FIND AND DOWNLOAD COOL NATURE WALLPAPER 1. By using Image search site  By using Google Using Google image you can find out hundreds of High definition nature or any category of wallpapers. You get both free and copyright images. If you want to use and share the wallpaper among your friends then you can search […]

System restore does not work – 3 things to check


System restore is a utility included in Windows which will allow you to revert back to a particular point of time if you have any trouble with your system. Basically system creates a restore point or you can create it manually. Later on you can revert your system back to that time. Where is System […]

How to get the taskbar back if it is not present

windows taskbar

What is a Taskbar? Taskbar is the horizontal bar which is seen at the bottom of the screen by default. However, You can change the position of the taskbar as you wish. Taskbar has programs pinned to it and a start button in “Windows 7” and previous version as well as Windows 8.1 . Also you […]

Where is system restore in Windows


System restore is a utility feature included in Windows which will help to restore the system to an earlier point of time. System automatically creates a restore point, if you have enabled it . If you have a problem with your system after you make certain changes then you can always revert back to the […]

how to save a word document as a jpeg – 3 ways


Jpeg or jpg is the acronym for  Joint Photographic Experts Group . Jpeg or Jpg picture format is widely used in Web designing. It is the format which is generally produced by Digital cameras. For more information about Jpeg you can visit this site in Wikipedia. Below are the three ways by which you can […]

How to offer remote assistance in Windows 7 for fixing the computer

remote assitancelogo

With Remote assistance you can offer help to people who have trouble with their system. You can ask them to allow you to give you control of their system. Then you can remove the problem from their system. Things to consider for remote assistance You should include Remote assistance in Windows Firewall. Firewall shouldn’t block […]

Enable Remote desktop in Windows 7

remote desktopicon

Remote desktop connection allows you to connect two computer over a network. Even though you are far away from your computer you will be to connect to your computer. The only thing is the other computer should be on. Remember you can use any edition of Windows 7 to connect to the other computer, but […]

Find free images to use for your Website


When you are creating a website or updating a blog then you may want to use images. Images helps you to express your ideas visually and in a better way especially if you are creating a tutorial website. Now you don’t want to use images which are copyright. If you use such images with the […]

How to delete a message on Facebook

delete facebook message icon

Do you want to delete a particular message on Facebook? If yes then you can delete it without deleting the whole conversation. At first log into your Facebook account and click on “Messages” from the left. Now select the person whose message you want to delete. You will see the list of conversation on the […]