How to change user name on Gmail Account


User name is displayed to the other person to whom you send messages. It is also the same name which is seen on Google chat. If in any case you want to change the user name you can do it. Remember that you only change the user name and not the email id. In the figure […]

How to check out all the Google Doodles


Google Doodles are the artistic logos which you see instead of the regular Google logos. Google often changes its logo on special occasions like Word cup, to mark the anniversary of Famous people, Festivals etc. It is temporary only. It can be animated and it has hyper linked to the webpage which contains the details […]

How to turn off auto playing videos on Facebook


If you have a Facebook account then you may have noticed that from few months back the videos which are embedded in Facebook started to play automatically as you scroll down. You may find it annoying at times. In that case you have option to turn off the auto play feature. Log into your Facebook […]

2 reasons to archive email and how to do it in Gmail


Archiving email is removing email from the inbox and storing it for future use. There are basically two reasons for archiving email: 1. It is used to preserve email for future use. 2. It removes email from the inbox so that it looks clean. Instead of deleting the email from the inbox you can archive […]

How much of free Google storage space you have used


Do you know Google offers you free 15 GB of storage capacity which you can use for Google account such as Gmail, Google plus photos, Google drive ? How to recall a sent message in Gmail How to add recovery phone number in Gmail account Type the url Now enter the user name and […]

3 reasons to add phone number to your Google account


What is a rescue Phone number? A rescue phone number is the number which can be entered while creating a Google account or later on. 1. It is used to reset the password in case your forgot. 2. It can be used to change your Google  account password if it  gets hacked. 3. You can […]

How to add or change google account recovery phone number


All of us are using some of the Google account every day whether it may be Gmail, Google plus, Google drive or YouTube. All of these Google products are free or at least free up to certain extent. We have created our own account with user name and password. What if we forget or password […]

How to backup and restore registry in Windows


Registry is the database where the settings and configurations for programs are stored. If you install any program then it creates entries in registry. If you want to make any changes in windows then you can do so in registry. To learn more about registry you can visit this article at Wikipedia. Remember that if […]

How to copy photos or videos from iPhone to computer via WiFi


Until this time you may have copied from iPhone to Computer by connecting a USB cable but in this tutorial I will show you how to copy files from iPhone to computer or from Computer to iPhone via WiFi. For this you need to download an app called “Simple Transfer” from Rambx. With Free version […]

How to clear cache and cookies in Firefox for faster performance

Firefox auto update

A cache is the method  by which browsers stores the images, information and webpages so that the next time if you request the same page then instead from the server the page is retained back from the cache memory. Whereas cookies the information stored about a particular website you visit. It records the history of […]