How to enable or disable external USB drive autoplay in Windows


Does your computer open your USB drive automatically when you insert it and do you want to disable it ? Go to “Control-panel.” Look for “Autoplay” and open it. Click on the drop down menu right to the “Removable drive.” Select “Take no action” from the list. Click on “Save” button at the end. Now […]

How to get email alerts for Gmail in Fireox browser

Firefox auto update

Do you get lots of emails everyday which you have to check regular ? If yes then this article is for you. Suppose if you use Gmail then you need to check Gmail every now and then to find whether you have received new mails or not, unless you have installed Gmail application in your […]

How to customize iPhone text messaging app with biteSMS


Do you want to have a customized iPhone text messaging app? If yes then you are in the right place. You can have the iPhone SMS app customized with biteSMS. But for this you should jailbreak your iPhone. Learn here how to jailbreak your iPhone (IOS 7.1.2) Press “Cydia”. Press “Search” icon. Type “biteSMS” in […]

How to extract SMS from iPhone and save it to a PC


Do you have important SMS which needs to be backed up for future reference? If yes then you can extract SMS from iPhone and save it to a PC for backup. You can download a software “Touch copy” from You can have the trail software. For full service you have to purchase it at […]

How to jailbreak IOS 7.1.2 using Pangu

pangu jailbreak

What is jailbreaking ? Jailbreaking is the way of removing limitation from iPhone. With the original iPhone a user can’t customize the iPhone but with Jailbreaking you will be able to install software from the third party which allows you to customize your iPhone. To learn more about jailbreaking visit this article from Wikipedia. In […]

How to use emoji on iPhone


What are emojis ? Emojis are small graphical images  which represent emotions while sending a text message. Remember the good old days when we used these emojis in Yahoo messenger. They were first introduced in Japan which were later used all over the world. To learn more about emoji you can visit the article about […]

How to roll back incompatible driver update to the previous version


Drivers are software with which hardware can function properly. Hardware can communicate with Central Processing Unit with the help of software. In the absence of driver a hardware can’t function properly. Now in some case when you update drivers to a newer version then the hardware may not function as desired. It may be because […]

How to turn on or off Firefox auto update

Firefox auto update

Firefox is one of the most popular browser at present. From time to time it updates its browser’s performance. But for some reasons you may want to turn on or off Firefox auto update. If your system is old or if your operating system is old then you may not want to update Firefox automatically. […]

How to put music in the background of a video with Windows movie maker

add background music to a video

Do you want to put music in the background of a video ? You want to upload a tutorial video and you want to insert a soft background music. There are many software for doing this but in this tutorial I will show you how to do that with the help of Windows  Movie maker. […]

How to setup a remote desktop connection with Team Viewer


What is remote desktop connection? It is connecting to a remote computer by using your own computer. You can access to a computer in any part of the world unless there is internet connection. There are many software which can be used to access a remote computer. You can also use the feature “Remote desktop” […]