How to create a password reset disk and use it to reset forgotten password for a user account


Password reset disk is created for a local user. That means you can only create a password reset disk for the user in that particular computer. If your computer is connected to a domain network then you can’t create a password disk to reset the forgotten password. In that case only the administrator of the […]

How to change windows 7 logon screen background

windows tips

Method:          1. Using Free software                2. Using Registry Editor Windows logon screen is the welcome screen which Windows 7 displays when you start the computer. By default it will have a default image and then you can see a user name text and the password box. Unless you haven’t set up to logon automatically, you […]

How to hide SSID


SSID is the short form of “service set identifier“. It is what that differentiates a Wireless LAN from each other. Whenever you connect to a wireless network then you will have a SSID for your wireless network adapter. If you don’t set SSID for your wireless network adapter then the default SSID for the wireless […]

Gotham Font: How to download and install Gotham Font for free


Gotham Font is derived from Sans-serif which is widely used now-a-days. It was developed by American designer Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000.  Its popularity rose because of it’s use in big campaigns like Barack Obama’s campaign. It is used in Newspaper like The Newyork Times, GQ magazine and many other noticeable medias and films poster. How […]

How to uninstall programs in windows 7 – kundanstech

windows tips

Three ways:  a. Using Add/Remove feature   b. Using Command prompt                            c. Using Revo uninstaller Windows is the Graphic User Interface operating system which allows you to use a computer. With windows you can communicate with your computer and do things you […]

How to install drivers For windows vista / Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10.1 – Kundanstech


Two methods: 1. Manually      2.  Automatically Drivers are software which help hardware to communicate with the operating system. For example we have mouse, audio chips etc which are attached to the computer. The operating system communicates with the hardware with these drivers. Previously when we were using Microsoft Windows 95 / Windows 98, […]

How to hide installed programs from Programs and Features in Control Panel (For windows 7/windows 8/ Windows 8.1) – kundanstech


Three methods: 1. Using third-party software       2. Using Group Policy                              3. Registry Editor When you install any program in a windows PC then the details of the installed programs are stored in “Programs and Features” in control panel. […]

5+ best desktop reminder software for creating events and reminding you


What is Desktop Reminder software? Desktop-Reminder software lets you plan your schedule so that you get reminded when the action should occur. It helps you to set alarms so that you will know when the event will occur. You can also categorize the task according to their priority with some of the software. What is […]

My computer is low on memory - 7 steps to fix (Windows 7 / windows 8 / Windows 8.1


Sometimes when you are running your computer then suddenly you get a warning message that your computer is running low on memory. What are the signals of Low memory? You get a warning message as shown above. Your computer runs slowly. It takes long time to open the program. If you click on the start […]

5 sites to measure your website loading speed for free


Webpage loading speed is one of the important factor. It is the one which affect the bounce rate of your site. Also it is one of the factor which affects Google page ranking. If your site is slow then people will move away from it. So, you need to optimize your site for faster loading. […]

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