How to automatically translate a website to another language ?


Why we need to translate a whole website into another language?

Many of us may want to read a foreign newspaper or a foreign website. It may not be written in the language which we understand. No worries. You can easily translate the website into 71 other languages. Isn’t it a nice thing?

How do Google translate a language?

It uses a method called “statistical machine language”. It looks on the pattern of the sentences and guesses with the pattern which is already translated by human. Some of the language can be accurately translated and some may not be. It depends on how popular the language is used also. Generally the website in English language is translated better into the other language.

What Google translation can’t do?

Google translation may not be able to translate the sentences accurately. It doesn’t follow the grammatical rules. So you many note be able to accurately find the grammatical structure of a sentence when it is translated into your language. But more or less you can understand it. And there is no loss in using it as it is a free tool for you to use. If you use short sentences than Google translate can translate it better for you.

How to use Google translate?

Type the address in the address bar.

Now you will get the following screen.

googletranslate1.0You can click on drop down button of “From” and “to” to select the language of the website and the target language.


Type the address of the website in the box.


Click on “Translate” Button.

Now your will get the translated website. Below is my English translated into Spanish.


You can also look for the Google translate extension for Firefox and Google chrome and install it and translate the webpage.