Do you want to increase your internet speed?

If yes then below are some of the steps which you can follow.

  • At first check your internet speed. If it is too low then the best option is to upgrade the internet speed. If you are using “Dial up” internet it is better to upgrade to ADSL or Cable whatever is available in your area and at least it should be of 512 kb/sec. If you want to stream online video then it is advised to use at least 1 Mbps/sec.

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  • Stop downloading too many programs or software. Every one of us downloads something every day. Some likes to download YouTube videos, some likes to download eBooks, some wants to stream online videos. This all puts loads on the internet. So stop downloading when you are surfing the internet. You can leave the computer to download the program at night or during the time when you are on break
  • Uninstall unnecessary programs. Many programs which you have downloaded or which was automatically downloaded while installing utility software, may have been eating bandwidth for updating purpose. So check the installed software and remove any unnecessary software.

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  • You may have been using the Wi-Fi continuously for so many days. Sometimes when you off the router and keep it off for some time and then on it again then it may speed up the internet.
  • Use a new Wi-Fi router and modems of higher speed and upgrade the firmware. This you can do by visiting the router’s website and download the latest firmware suitable for the router’s model number.
  • Don’t use too many Wi-Fi consuming sources once at a time. If you are using too many laptops, smart phones once at a time then in this case also your internet bandwidth is used by too many devices. So consider to turn off those which you don’t want at that time.
  • Keep the router close to the computer.
  • You may have noticed that the first time when your computer was new or it was formatted and set up, internet was very fast. This is because there were no viruses and files scattered in your hard drive. So, you need to regularly check your system for virus and defragment and optimize it. Delete unnecessary files.


  • Check your Wi-Fi channel. They are the paths through which internet is obtained.  Check if you have too many internet access points accessing via same channel in your building and also check the internet name.  For eg. “Linksys” may be your internet name and you have two three internet name with “Linksys”, in that case you may be feeling that there is disturbance in receiving the internet signal. Change the name and also consider changing the Wi-Fi channel if two or more internet is accessed through the same channel. In order to check the list of internet and the channels through which it is passing you can use free utility software “Xirrus Wi-Fi inspector”.

Check this website” http://www.xirrus.com/Products/Wi-Fi-Inspector.aspx” to download it for free.

When you run the software you will get the following screenshot.


You can check the list of internet in your building and the channels through which you are transmitting. You can also check the channel through which your internet is broadcasting. Then you can go to your router’s setting page and change your channel.

For Linksys router you can type the router’s address on the browser’s address.

Now you will be asked to enter the user name and the password.


Enter the details and you will get the following screen.


Go “Wireless” and click on “Basic Wireless Settings

Select the channel from the drop down box next to “Standard Channel” which is free or has the least number of internet broadcasting.

  • Remove all the browser’s cookies, bookmarks, history records from your browser’s setting.

For Firefox you can do the following steps:

Click on “Tools” and then click on “Privacy“. You will get the following screen.


Click on “clear your recent history” and you will get the following dialog box.


Select whatever you want to delete eg. cookies, Forms and search history etc and click on “Clear Now“.

For Google Chrome

Click on this button chromesetting for customizing the chrome’s setting.

Now you will get the following screen.


Click on “Clear browsing data

Now will get the option to select what you want to delete.


Put a tick mark on the check box in front of the item which you want to delete and click on “Clear browsing data

Now your browser is free of history, bookmarks, cookies and will run much faster.

So, try the above methods and check your internet speed again.