How to convert video from one format to another?

Do you want to convert your videos into another format? I do. I download videos from YouTube and
convert into MP4 or 3gp to play in mobile. There are different reasons for converting the video.

Below are the two ways by which you can convert it easily.

By using an online video converter site.

Type this url


This above website not only converts videos from one format to another also you can use it to convert audio as well as picture and other documents from one format to another.

If you want to convert video format then follow the steps below.

From the video converter drop down menu select the target format either 3GP, MP4, AVI etc.


Then click on “Go” button.

Now click on “Browse” button and select the video file.


If you want to change the setting of the video like the frame rate, bit rate or cut the certain part of the video you can do so in optional settings, or else leave it default.

Then click on “Convert” button.

Now your video starts to be converted into another format.


Once the video is converter you will get the following message


By using a video converter software

Alternatively you can convert videos offline using a software called Freemake video converter

Go this website and download the free copy of Freemaker Video converter.

Install and run it.

You will get the following interface


Click on “Video” button as we are going to convert video to another format.

Now you have to browse and select the video and click on “open


After you have selected the video you should be able to see the video you have selected.



Now from the bottom select the format into which you want to convert the video. In the example below I want to covert the video file from “avi” format to “flv” format to embed it in a webpage. So I selected FLV format.


I can change the location of the video to be saved. Also I can click on “Setting icon” for changing the settings for the FLV file.


 After applying the necessary settings, click on “Convert” button and your can convert video from one format to another.