Archiving email is removing email from the inbox and storing it for future use. There are basically two reasons for archiving email:

1. It is used to preserve email for future use.

2. It removes email from the inbox so that it looks clean. Instead of deleting the email from the inbox you can archive it so that you can always search and find it for future purpose.

In this article we are archiving email in Gmail.

Log into your Gmail account.

You can archive those email which you select or you can archive all the emails.

If you want to archive particular emails only then select those or else put a tick mark on the check box as shown.

gmail archive

Now all the emails in the first page will be selected. i.e 50 emails. If you have more than 50 emails and  want to select all the emails from the inbox then you can see an option “Select all …… conversations in Primary”.

Just click on it and all the emails in the “Primary” box will be selected no matter how many are there.

Now click on “Archive” button.


How can you see the Archived emails?

If you want to see the Archived emails then you can type the address in the search box from which you received the email or else you can type the subject of the email which you want to find out.


subject: hello

or else click on “More” button on the left side.

archive gmail3

Now click on “All Mail”.

archive gmail3 archive gmail4You can see all the archived emails.

This is how you can archive emails and use it for future purpose.