permalinkNow the next step after installing the wordpress in either local computer or in the web server is setting the peramlink. It should be done before creating any post or any pages.

What are permalinks?

Pearmalinks are links to the pages or post which you have created. By default the wordpress permalink look like the following:

“” where p= 10 is the id of the post or the page.

Now the problem of this peramlink is it is difficult for us as well as search engines to know what is the post id is about. There is no description about the post. So instead we can change it into some other options. It is also easy for search engine to find the post if we change the default permalink of the wordpress.


The first one in the list is “Default” which shows post according to the id no.


The second one is “Day and name” which shows the year, month, date and the name of the post.


The third one is the “Month and name” which shows the year, month and the post name

The fourth one is the “Numeric” which shows the post according to the id in arcieve


The fifth one is “Post name” which shows links according to the post name.


The last one is custom structure which is used to show post according to different types

1.  %year% :Displays the year the post was published. eg:- 2013

 2. %monthnum% :- Displays month of the year the post was published. eg:- 05
3.  %day%:- Displays the dayof  the mont the post was published .eg:- 12
4.  %hour%:- Displays the hour of the day the post was  15
5.  %minute%:- Displays the minute of the hour when the post was published:- eg. 50
 6. %second%:- Displays the seconds of the minute when the post was published. eg:- 40
7.  %post_id% :- Displays the ID # of the post. eg:- 12
8.  %postname%:- Displays the post name eg:- windwos-8-start-button
 9. %category%:- Displays the category of the post. eg:- Windows
10. %author%:- Displays the author name who created the post.