If you are continuously browsing internet for looking sites related to a particular niche then you may be searching for it in Google. You enter a particular term and search for the results. In this tutorial I will show you two ways by which you can find the top results similar to your site.

1. By using a website

The first way to find out sites similar to your site is to use a site called http://www.similarsites.com. Type the name of the site in your browser and enter the URL address for which you want to find out similar sites. I typed the www.download.com which is used for download applications for windows, mac , android etc.

Now I can see the list of different websites along with similarity score.

similar sites

2. By using a chrome extension “similar sites”

Instead of using website you can use an extension “similar sites pro” in chrome. Go to Chrome web store and download and install the extension.

Once you install the extension you will see a circular icon as shown in the picture below.

similar sitesicon

Now type the URL address and click on the icon and you can see the results as shown below.

similar sites

Now you can see the results. You can see the Global rank, country rank and category rank of those websites.

This is how you can see similar sites related to a particular niche.