What to do in case if you forgot your Gmail password ?

There are two ways to reset Gmail password:-

One ways is to use the phone number to get the verification code by SMS or an automated call. Whenever you are creating new Gmail account you are required to enter your mobile number which is later used to reset Gmail password.

Enter the address for Gmail web service in the address i.e “www.gmail.com” and click on “can’t access your account“.

gmailresetNow you will get the following screenshot.

gmailreset2Select the option “I don’t know my password” and click on “continue” and you will go the following screen.

gmailreset3Now you will be asked to reset the password with the currently used device to sing in. If you are signing using the currently logged device , Click on “Yes, continue” button.

gmailreset4Now select “I don’t remember” and you go to the following screen.

gmaireset5Now select “Get a verification code on my phone” and select via “a text message (SMS)” or “an automated phone call“.

Either you will get an SMS or a call and you will get the verification code. When you will get the screen as below, enter the verification code.

gmailreset6Click on “Continue” after entering the code.

gmailreset7Now enter the “New password” and again enter to “Confirm new password“. After entering click on “Reset Password“.

gmaireset8Now you will get a message that you have successfully reset your password. Click on “Review my recovery info

Now you will go to the following screen.

gmailreset9Enter the new password and click on “Verify“. Now you can log into your Gmail account.

The other way is to use the recovery email address when you created your Gmail account.

Follow the above steps and when you get the option to reset the password via phone number or recovery email address, select the recovery email address and click on “Continue

gmailreset10Now you will get the following screen.

gmailreset11Now log into your recovery email address and you will see the email from the Google accounts recovery team.


Click and open the email from Google Account recovery and you will get the following message.

gmailreset13Now you will be asked to click on the link to reset the password. Click on the link.

Now again you will go back to the screen where you need to enter the new password and reconfirm it and the rest process is the same as above.