There are two cases one you are opening Microsoft word program or you are working on a document and would like to create a new document.

If you are running Word then you get the following window.

new document

You can either select a blank document to create a new one. Or else you can select a template. A template is predefined document where fonts, designed are already set you just need to type the matter. You can select templates for writing letters, resumes, labels etc. Either select “Blank Document” or select any other template according to your choice to create a new document.

If you are already working on an existing document and want to create a new one then you can use either of the two method.

By using Menu

Click on “File”.

new document

Click on “New”.

new document

Now you can either select a “Blank Document” or an existing template and you get a new document.

Using a Shortcut key

The easiest way to create a new document will be to use the shortcut key. Press “Ctrl+N” button. You will get a blank new document. You can’t select a template by this method.

Using the New icon on the quick access tool bar

Click on the new icon on the quick access  tool bar and you get a new blank word  document.

new document quick access