Facebook is the most popular social media. There is no doubt. Until now you may have been using only your email address as a user name to log into your Facebook account. Today in this tutorial we will see three different ways by which we can log into our Facebook account.

1. By using the Phone number

When you are creating a Facebook account then you need to enter the phone number. You can use the same phone number to log into your Facebook account.

Enter the phone number and the password and click on “Log in“.



2. By using the email address

Whenever you are creating a profile in Facebook then you need to enter the email address and other details. The same email address can be sued to log into the Facebook account.



3. By using the Username

Wherever you create a profile on Facebook account then a username is automatically created. By default the user name is the initial of the email account which you have used to create the profile.

So if I have used “xyz@yahoo.com” to create the account then the user name will be “xyz“. You can change the username once only and it should be authentic. You can’t enter the username whatever you like.



So, above were the three ways.