What is a rescue Phone number?

A rescue phone number is the number which can be entered while creating a Google account or later on.

1. It is used to reset the password in case your forgot.

2. It can be used to change your Google  account password if it  gets hacked.

3. You can securely log into your Google account by enabling 2 step verification process where you receive a code to log into your account after putting the password.

Without further ado , let’s start the process.

Type the address https://www.google.com/settings in the web browser.

Enter the email id and the password for the Google account for which you want to add or edit the password.

Click on “Sign in” button.

Click on “Security” Tab.


If you haven’t add a Recovery phone number until now then you will see a link “Add  a phone number” under Recovery & Alerts. If you have added before, then you will have “Edit” button instead of “Add phone number.”

In this tutorial we will assume that we haven’t add a phone number before. Now click on “Add phone” button.


 Click on “Add Phone” again.


Select the Country and enter the phone number.

Click on “Save” button at the end.

Now you have successfully added a Rescue phone number for your Google Account.

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