termsBefore going into any further let us look some of the terms which we find commonly used in wordpress.

1. Post:- They are list of the article which we write and published

2. Pages:- They are the static pages which you create in WordPress blog. They don’t need to be updated frequently. eg. Author’s bio, Contact form etc.

3. Commnets:- This is the area where you will find the comments done by the reader.

4. Themes:- They are the design of the blog. When you install WordPress by default you can find some themes. Also you can search and install themes for wordrpess.

5. Widget:- They are the area which you can use for displaying content and giving some structure or customizing the wordpress blog. They can be placed on the sidebar of the wordpress.

6. plugins:- They are the functions files created in php for carrying out certain functions. eg:- creating columns, displaying social icons. etc.

7. permalink:- It is the permanent link of the article which is displayed at the address bar of the browser.

8. Dashboard:- It is the main area o your blog where you can see the posts, comments, news about wordpress site, where you get the option to customize your wordpress theme and many more.

9. Category:- This is the main topic under which you will be writing your posts.

10. htaccess:- It is a file for changing the settings or configurationsĀ  for the Apache web server.

11. Sidebar:- They are the vertical columns on the sides of the wordpress blog. Every wordpress theme has at at least one sidebar. There can be two sidebar depending on the theme. On the sidebar widgets are placed.

12. Header:- It is the horizontal area provided at the top of the blog other than the main content area.

13. Content:- It is the main area of the blog where articles, images are published.

14. Footer:- It is the area at the bottom of the blog where corpyright notice etc can be displayed.

15. Tags:- They are the keyword which describes about the post. They are like categories but in smaller scope.

16. Slugs:- They are the url friendly version of the post address. eg:- www.kundanstech.com/installing-wordpress . eg:- installing-wordpress is a slug.

These are the basics term used most frequently in WordPress.