What is Desktop Reminder software?

Desktop-Reminder software lets you plan your schedule so that you get reminded when the action should occur. It helps you to set alarms so that you will know when the event will occur. You can also categorize the task according to their priority with some of the software.

What is the use of Desktop Reminder Software?

It helps you to organize your things and remind you as people are busy in this modern world.  Let us check some of the desktop reminder for windows

 1. Sticky notes

Sticky note is the simple desktop reminder utility included in Windows. Open the program and type the thing which you need to do. This is simple program so you don’t have any calendar, no alarm. It just sticks on your desktop. No additional functions.

sticky note

2. VueMinder Ultimate

Download this software


There is a Free version and a pro version for $ 79.95. With this software you can create the event for a particular date. You can set the location, date, time, categorize it under different headings and set it as high, medium or low priority.


You can set the reminder time such as 15, 20 minutes before the event occurs. You can either show a desktop alert or popup reminder. You can play sound to remind you of the event.


Also yo can create different category if you don’t find the suitable category which is present by default in Vueminder.

You can export the events to excel, outlook etc. You can view all the events at once and print them.  You can change the priority of the event. You can go to a particular date to check all the events for that day.

3. Time Left

Download Time left


With this desktop reminder software:


  • You can create an event.
  • Let you remind before certain period of time.
  • You can also make the reminder repeat after certain time interval.


  • You can show the countdown to let you  know how much time is left for the event.
  • You can enable sound for the event.


  • You can show sticker writing a note for the action to occur and hook it on the desktop.

4. Desktop Reminder

Download this software


  • You can create events on any date.
  • You can set reminder prior to the event.


  • You can categorize the event as important, Personal, Business etc.
  • You can edit or delete the event.
  • You can mark the event as done.

5. ToDoList

Download ToDoList


  • The interface is very simple.
  • You can use to create an event for a particular date.


  • You can create categories under which you can group the event. You can also sort the event under the category to view it.
  • You can also edit the event or delete it.
  • You don’t have option to set reminder or alarm tone.
  • You don’t have calendar view to look for all the events.

6. Sofonesia Reminder

Download this software.


  • With this software you can create a reminder and setup sound for the reminder.


  • You can set the reminder for daily basis or for a particular day.


  • Enter the day, time , description and select a sound for the reminder.
  • The disadvantage of this reminder is you can’t set a reminder before the event occurs.
  • You can’t select the date.

7. Never Forget Personal Reminder

Download this software.


  • You have the calendar. You need to click on the date for which you want to create a reminder.


  • Set the reminder for daily, annually, weekly, monthly .
  • You can set the time for the reminder and you can also set the reminder in advance so that you will be informed about the event.
  • You can choose custom sound to play for the event.
  • You can edit or delete the event.
  • You can import reminders created before or you can export reminder.

So, with these above software you create reminder and event for your day-to-day work.