Webpage loading speed is one of the important factor. It is the one which affect the bounce rate of your site. Also it is one of the factor which affects Google page ranking. If your site is slow then people will move away from it. So, you need to optimize your site for faster loading. Below are the sites which measures the website’s loading speed.

1. tools.pingdom

  • Open the site from here.
  • Enter the address of the website whose speed you want to measure and then click on “Test Now” button.


  • You can see the result as shown below.



2. Webpagetest

  • Open the website from here.
  • Enter the website address, location from where you want to test, for which type of browser you want to test the loading speed and then click on “Start Test” button.


  • Below is the result of the speed test



3. Gtmetrix


  • You will see the result of your website’s speed test as shown below.


4. Webwait

  • Open the website.
  • Enter the name of the website.
  • Enter the number of times you want your website to be scanned in “no of calls” box.
  • Click on “Time it“.



  • You will see the result as shown in the picture below.



5. Google page insight


  • You will see the result shown below.
  • You can see the score for both mobile and for the desktop.
  • Also you will see the areas where you need to improve to increase the speed of the website.




How to increase the speed of the webpage so that it will load faster?

  • Decrease the number of java script.
  • Simple interface without much animation.
  • Optimize image. Compress it.
  • If you are using WordPress, use professionally designed theme.
  • While hosting go for dedicated hosting so that you have your own hosting machine instead of sharing with others.
  • Less Java script