What is a Network Adapter and why do you need it?

A network adapter is a small piece of hardware which lets you connect to the Local machine interconnected to the same network or a network adapter also lets you connect to the wireless internet.

But sometimes you have the problem with the Network Adapter. Below are five ways to solve this problem.

1. Enable Network Adapter:- If your adapter card is disable then you need to enable it.

Go to “Control Panel” and then click on “Network and Sharing center”.

network adapter problem

Click on “Change Adapter Settings”.

Now check if your network adapter is disabled. If it is disabled then it will be faint as shown in the picture below.

network adapter

To enable it Right click on the adapter and then click on “Enabled”.

network adapter problem

2. Reset Network Adapter:- Follow the same process as above.

“Enable” and “Disable” the Network adapter.

3. Update and install the correct Network Adapter driver

Update your network adapter to the latest version of the driver. Go the manufacturer website and download the latest version of driver. Check the make and model number of your laptop or your computer eg. If your laptop is of HP, visit its site and enter the model number. Then you can download the latest version of drivers.

Also you can go to the Device manager and right-click on the Network adapter and click on “Update Driver.” If the updated version of driver is submitted to the Windows store then your network adapter gets updated.


4. Uninstall and Install the driver physically if it can be. For example if you are using a USB network adapter dongle then you can unplug it and plug it in different USB port. If you have network adapter installed in the PCI slot then remove and install it in another PCI slot.

5. Replace the Adapter:- If none of the above method works then you need to replace the adapter.