Blogging is immensely popular nowadays. People like to blog according to their interest. Some like to blog professionally where as some blog for a short time out of their curiosity or interest. Below are certain things you need to take care for making your blog successful if you want to blog professionally.

Tip No 1: Identify your niche or interest

If you want to blogĀ  professionally then you need to identify your interest. If you are passionate about a certain topic then you will have interest about it. When you have interest than you will have ideas to write about the topic.

How to do you know what is your interest ?

  • You are always excited to talk about it when the topic arises.
  • You always want to hear more about it.
  • While surfing internet or reading a newspaper your eyesight first catches that topic which interest you.
  • You are always willing to learn more about that topic.

Once you know what is your niche write about it and target those person or community of your niche.

Tip No 2: Take genuine interest in helping others

If you want to blog professionally then you want your blog to be read and like by other people. Now the question arises why will other people like your blog. People will like your blog if your blog provides some kind of value to them. If your blog contains thing which don’t have value then no one will bother to read it.

So how can your blog provide value to others. It’s by helping others.

  • Your blog can help people identify problem and solve it. You can create a tutorial blog.
  • Your blog can provide detail information about a particular topic.
  • Your blog can be on personal development or self improvement tips.
  • Your blog can have interesting things, jokes which give people relief from day to day problems.

Tip No 3: Make your blog reachable to others

When you create a blog you want it to be searchable by others. For this create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to search engines.

Click here to learn How to create a sitemap

You also want your sitemap Search engine friendly. If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform then you can use SEO plugins like All in one SEO, SEO by Yoast and follow the direction for optimizing your site. Tag your post, Use keyword which is searched by most of the people to find out about a particular topics. You can use free keyword tool like Google keyword tool or paid versions like Market Samurai etc.

Tip No 4: Make your blog look Professional

Never underestimate the power of clean and proper layout of your blog. Prof read your blog before publishing. Check for the spellings. Don’t use too much of colors and images which may distract the readers. Use simple and short sentences with bullet points. Use premium theme if you don’t know about formatting your blog. You can buy premium theme from Genesis or other reputed ones.

Tip No 5: Marketing your blog

The last important thing is marketing your blog. But let me make one thing clear. You should have quality content for marketing your blog. Don’t think that you write any rubbish things and people will like it. I have already mentioned that your blog should help others. So write content which help others and it will be easier to market it.

  • Create YouTube videos.
  • Use social media like Facebook, Twitter for promoting your blog.
  • Submit your blog to Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Pin interest to reach for more audience.
  • Actively participate in forum for answering questions.
  • Give a genuine comment for other blogs.

If you follow all of the five steps then you can be sure to make your blog successful. But remember that it takes time, hard work and patience.