How to increase laptop’s battery life

Every one of us must have thought of taking care of a laptop battery when we first bought the laptop. Your laptop battery works fine when you buy it. As time gradually passes on then the performance of laptop battery goes on decreasing. But still you can reduce this process by using the following process.

Increasing the Battery’s life

  • The biggest source which consumes laptop’s battery is the LCD screen. The screen is very resource demanding. If your laptops screen is too bright then you will be using too much of laptop’s battery. You can reduce the brightness of the screen and extend your laptop’s battery duration. Every laptop has a button on the keyboard for increasing or decreasing the brightness.
  •  Turning Off WiFi and Bluetooth:- You may have noticed that if you are using a smart phone and if it is connected to the Wifi or if your Bluetooth is on then the battery drains very fast. So, whenever you are not using WiFi or Bluetooth switch it off.
  •  Close the background application:- You may not know that there are certain programs running in the background and consuming the laptop’s battery. Press “Alt + Ctrl + Del” at once and you will get a blue screen with different menus. Select “taskmanger” from it.

 For windows 7


For windows 8


Click on “process” in case of Windows 8 and “Application” in case of windows 7 and previous version and select the application which you want to close and click on “End task”


  • Change the power plan:- Go to “Controlpanel” and select “Power Options


Select “Power Saver” options.

Click on “Change plan settings” to furthermore go to the advance setting.



Now you can furthermore you can select the turn off display time and computer sleep time as you desire.


  • Remove the external hard drive and USB:- If you have connected external USB devices but is not using then better remove it as it may be using certain percentage of your battery power.


  • Don’t multitask:- Don’t open too many programs or windows or applications at the same time. You may be watching movies, playing game and opening program at the same time. Close which you don’t use.


If not using the laptop for a longer period of time then fully charge and remove the battery.