Building links are a great way of increasing your site Page rank for search engines. Particularly if a renowned site has a link to your website then you can be sure that your page will be ranked higher in Search engines. It doesn’t matter about the quantity when it comes to link building, what really matters is the quality of the links.

How to build links to your blog?

No 1: Answering Questions

Actively participate in forums of your niche and take genuine interest in answering questions. If you are the person who is regularly solving other problems then people will take interest in you and visit your blog and link to it. You are providing value to them so in return they will link to your blog.

No 2: Writing about Latest hottest news

If you are the one to write about the latest hottest new about your niche then you can easily rank number one in Search engine. Your blog can be seen in the first page of search engines.

No 3: Building Quality Content

Quality content beats nothing when it comes in term of building link. I have already mentioned that your blog should provide some value to the reader. If your blog contains materials with your own research then you will be the only one to have that resource. If somebody searches for that then you will be the one to ranked in search engine. Also your content should provide some solutions to other people’s problem, informative or entertaining. People are very busy nowadays and they don’t want to spend their time for low quality articles.

No 4: Using Social media like Facebook, Twitter

You can use these social medias for promoting your site. Write great quality content and catchy headlines and post it on your Facebook page. Tweet about it. If you have people who are interested in the same niche as you have then they will visit to your blog and may link if they find it valuable.

No 5: Create YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are very popular. It is viewed by billions of people everyday. So create an interesting video. Genuine express yourself interested in helping other people or providing them some entertainment and it will surely drive traffic and link to your blog. Mention your blog address and request viewers to subscribe to your blog.

No 6: Commenting on other blogs

When you are searching for a query then you may land to a blog where you can find the answer about your query. Feel freely to appreciate the person and comment genuinely about it. You can also ask for an action to visit to your blog if you have something to offer to them.

No 7: Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the common way of building back links. Especially if you are writing for a renowned blog which already have thousand of visitors then you have chances to building more links to your blog. But it is not an easy job. Your content should be of the highest quality to be approved. Everyday may be thousands of requests will be received by the blog for Guest posting. Out of these your post should be filtered and should be notice by them. So it is not an easy job.

No 8 : Make your site look professional

Your blog should be properly structured. If you are using WordPress then go for a premium theme which is already designed by professionals. Have proof reading and use simple words. People should trust your blog. So take time to craft your blog.