Are you confused about how to write a good blog post? Or are you someone who spends very hard to write blog post only to find out that it has not been read by anyone?  If yes, than in this article I will show you really genuine ways to write a good blog post which people really want to read.

Writing a good blog post doesn’t happen tonight. You need to practice a lot for that. You need to develop your writing skills.

Don’t just jump writing light and above the topic blog post just to fill your blog. Almost all of us do the same mistake when we start it.

1. Consider what your blog post is all about

Before you write a blog post consider asking yourself what your blog post will be all about. What problem does it solve? Will readers be interested in reading your content?

For example this article issues a general problem and this is difficulty in writing a good blog post.

Consider the intent of the topic also. People like to read about some topics where as some topics it is better if we see them visually. Consider DIY articles, it is better to see them then to read them.

In the example below for the query “How to make a tie“, the top three results are Videos


For the query “How to write a CV“, the results are a blog post rather than a video.


The above results clearly shows that you should have to think where the idea of your blog post matches more, for YouTube videos or for written article.

2. Choosing a blog topic


The topic of your blog post is also important for the success of your blog post. It can make or break your blog post.

If any idea comes to your mind then don’t rush to write about it. Research about the topic.

Use Google Adwords key planner tool to find out how much is the search volume for the topic. You don’t want to spend time to write about the topics which people don’t give a shit.

Look for variations. Use modifiers.

eg. How to write a good blog post [that drives traffic in 2016]

Use Google trends to find whether the topic is gaining popularity or loosing.

You can use paid services such as Wordstream or Semrush to find out the search volume and keyword difficulty.

Always research about the topic and make modifications as per necessity. Also make sure whether your blog topic addresses any specific need or issue.

3. Write the Headline

The next step after you get the topic for your blog post is to write the headline for the blog post. Not just a normal headline.

What makes a headline so important?

The first thing people will see is your headline. When someone searches a query and get the result then on what basis they will click on the search query. Of course that will be the headline of the article.

Consider three of the headlines below:

  • How to make ice cream
  • How to make ice cream at home
  • Make ice cream at home – just two ingredients and no machine required

Which headline do you think will get the most click, I believe it should be the third one. Why? It tells you three benefits:

  • You can make ice cream at your home.
  • You just need two ingredients only
  • You don’t need any machine.

What makes a headline, good headline

a. The headline should be clear about what it wants to say.

Case study shows that Movexa, a supplement company, increased their sales by 89.97% when they make their headline clear.

Adding the word “Supplement” to the headline increased clarity and improved sales by 89%.

b. The headline should convey readers the immediate benefit

How to win friends and influence people. This headline conveys benefits that making friends creates a positive influence among people.

c. The headline should convey an urgency

10 reasons why you should read this if you are blogging about making money online

d. You can use maximum 65 characters, beyond that it won’t be search engine. You need to use power words such as Free, Quick etc

a. 10 Free tips and tricks to make your iPhone faster

b. How to quickly learn how to make a cake

4. Consider from the readers perspective

It is always best to imagine about your reader while writing a blog post. It makes you easy to write and what kind of language you should use. Should you use easy language, technical one, industry related words.

Use the words we, You, yours to make it personal and friend with the readers.

Rather than writing for a large number of people, it is always best to imagine that you are writing for a particular person.

Imagine you are sitting in front of a particular student and you are explaining to him/her.

5. Have some value in your content


Photo Credit: Got credit

Does your content address issue of a reader? Is your article something special one or just another with same old things. If not then it will be lost in the world of web.

A good blog should be easy to read and understand. It should inspire people to take action and shouldn’t be hard to implement otherwise it won’t be popular in a mass.

Provide some additional value in your article. If there is a topic which you feel is not correct then you can comment on that. You can break down popular myth with convincing points and statistics.

Write what you like about it and what you dislike about it. But you need to give a valid reason for that.

Use quote from famous person.

Answer questions. Write how the ideas in your blog post applies to you.

Use examples. You can include your own real life scenarios and how you dealt with them to get the success.

If you have testimonials, customer comments, include them to make you more trustworthy.

Use case studies to establish authority.

Use charts, diagrams and infographics whenever possible to make it visually appealing.

6. Write what your are passionate about

If you read blog post or may be you have read that you need to write what you are passionate about, what you love about. There is some truth in it.

If you are passionate about something then ideas come to your mind easily. You will know all the do’s and don’t about the topic.

You can deeply connect with your readers. You can answer readers queries.

7. Structuring your blog post

Generally a blog post can be divided into Opening Paragraph or Introduction, body and conclusion.

A first impression can be made by having a strong lines in your opening paragraph. You have less than 10 seconds to impress your reader

How to write a good introduction

a. Identify a need

Do you want to increase traffic to your blog within 30 days?

The above question expects you having problem in having a decent amount of traffic. This understand that you are in need of traffic.

b. Ask questions

Ask questions that have a “Yes” answer. Do you want to make a living out of blogging?

c. Make a genuine promise

By the end of this article I will show you ways which will help you to gain more traffic to your blog. If you apply all of the techniques I will guarantee you will have increased your traffic by 50%

d. Empathize with your readers

Describe scenario of you having struggle with having traffic in the early days. Tell them your difficulties, how much you struggled and how you got the success.

e. Use statistics to make your opening authentic

Do you know out of 10, 8 will decide to read your article by looking at your headlines

Body: Once you have written a good introduction then you can have as many points possible to justify your promises or your points in this section.

Conclusion: This is the part where you will recap the main points. This is the area where you have call to action. You will ask the readers to follow what you have mentioned.

You will tell readers what you expect out of readers once they follow what you have said.

8. Proof reading


Once you have completed writing the blog post you need to refine it. Check for spelling mistakes. If you are a famous blogger then people don’t expect you to have simple spelling mistakes.

If someone is interested in your article, they will read each word and if they find a spelling mistake it will look awkward to them.

Don’t rely on spelling checker software. They will check for spelling mistake only. They can’t differentiate which word is suitable in what context.

eg. If you are writing about 5 different ways to make a tie and if you make a mistake in your headline as shown in example below:

  • 5 different ways to make a Tie
  • 5 different ways to make a Tea

Now the spelling checking software won’t know you want the word “Tie” instead of “Tea”. So, it is better to read each words once you have finished writing the content.

Also you need to pay attention to Grammar. It doesn’t look professional to have so many grammatical mistakes in your blog post.

9. Formatting your blog post

In order to appeal the eyes of a reader you need to format your post accordingly.

Have a contrasting background and font color. It is always best to have a light background color for your blog post. Mostly I have seen people using white background and black as a font color.

Have a font size of around 16 px. Make it black so that it is easy to read.

Use short paragraph of around 2-3 lines. Have good spacing between the lines. Also there should be enough space between the paragraphs.

spaceConsider the example above. The first one doesn’t have enough space between the line. It looks congested. It is difficult to read and is not soothing to the eyes.

The second one, has more spaces between the lines which makes it easy to read.

Break your ideas into paragraph. Basically one idea should come in one paragraph.

Use headings and subheading for writing titles and subtitles.


So we have seen how to write a good blog post. You need to have a good topic for the blog which fulfills then need of a reader.

You saw how important it is to have a good title so that people will click to read your content.

You need to provide value to the readers. You give them value by helping them out to solve their problems. Addressing their issues.

Start applying the techniques and check the result. I am sure you will see your traffic growing continuingly every single month.