About the Site

Kundastech.com aims to share the knowledge with all the people around the world. It’s aim is to help people solve minor problems and do things themselves. It’s trying incorporate a wide range of area like window tips and tricks, utility software, mobile platforms, about  blogging platforms and many more.

About the Creator


Kundan Raj Bhattarai is the creator of Kundanstech.com. Interested in computers from the age of eighteen, he has come a long way and learned things through self practice, using internet and with his friends. He was first interested in computer when he saw a movie VCD playing on a computer. Since then he was passionate about it. He has been using computer when there was no windows.

He loves travelling to countryside, listening to music and reading. His idea is to share his knowledge which he gained with all the people in simple terms as possible.

Wishing everyone good health.