Widgets are shortcut icons of an application. When you tap or click on the widgets then you can run the program.

Notification center is a feature of iOS where you can see the alerts and information or missed events. If you press at the top of the screen and pull down you can see the notification center.


By default you can see today’s view where you can see the calendar, about stocks and if you have any event for tomorrow you can see it. There is “All” and “Missed” events also. If anything is updated you can see in the notification center.

With iOS 8 you can add widgets to the notification center. You can use an app “Vidgets” with you can add Widgets to the notification center.

Download it from the app store. Remember you need to update your iOS to version 8.

When you install by default you will have three Widgets in “Todays” view “Analog clock”, “Digital Clock” and a “Battery icon”.

add widget

In order to add more icon tap “Vidgets” from the home screen.

Press “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.


On the right side you can see more widgets which appear.


Tap on any Widget to add to the notification center. You may be asked by the app to allow you to let them trace your location like if you are adding weather widget. Allow it.

add widget to notification

Open the notification center and you can see the widget which you have added.

adding widget to notification center

If you want to change the color of the widgets tap on the paint bucket icon on the left side and you can see different color.

add widget to the notification center

Tap and select which color you like.

How to delete the widget from the notification center?

On the lower right corner at the end you can see a pencil icon which is for editing.

add widget iOS8

Tap on it.

Now you can see a cross icon which appears on the top of the widget.

add widget to iOS8

Tap on the cross icon above the widget which you want to delete.

Tap on “Done” once finished.

If you don’t find the widget you want then you can submit the request for the widget. May be it will be added on with the later version of iOS.

Press “+” icon which is for adding widgets.

On the upper right corner, you can see “Request Widget”, tap on it.

add widget to iOS8

You get a box where you can type the name of the widget which you wish to be added.

add widget to iOS8

Then tap on “Submit Request”.

This is how you can add widget, change the color of the widget, delete the widget or request for new widget.