Working online from home is attracting more and more people nowadays. People nowadays are looking opportunity to work from home either to make some extra money or maybe they are fed-up with their bosses.
According to Office for National Statistics (ONS) there were 4.2 million workers working from home in January – March 2014 compared to 2.9 million in 1998 and this is increasing every day.
Let us see some possible benefits of working online from home as a blogger:

1. You are the boss

If you are working online from home then you are your boss. You don’t need to be afraid that someone else is watching over you.

Case study shows that people leave jobs not because they don’t like their job but because they don’t like their boss. There are people who don’t deserve to be promoted but they get because they always appear to be good in front of their bosses. People sack others to get themselves promoted.

According to Accenture, a multinational management consulting service company, 31% of the employee leave their job because of their boss.

2. You can make some extra income online

Whether you are blogging professionally or just as a part time you still can make some extra income online.
The simplest way of making money online is using Google’s Adsense advertisement program to your site. You can have an Adsense account and link it to your blog or to your YouTube channel and make income. It is a recurring income.
Also people make money by using other advertisement programs or from affiliate sales. It is hard to setup but once you start to make money then you will be on the right track.

3. You have flexible timing

It’s not that you need to finish things at the particular time if you are working from home. You can work either in the morning, afternoon or at nigh whichever shift you feel comfortable.
You don’t need to wake up early in the morning and hurry up to take a shower and get dressed.

4. Improves your writing and thinking skills

 If you are blogging then you need to write articles. The more you write, better you will develop your writing skills. Also you need to read and brainstorm a lot. This increases your power to think  and assess better.

5. Reduces extra cost

low cost

If you are working from home then you can cut out on some extra costs. You don’t need to pay for gasoline. You don’t need to spend money to buy office dress or shoes. You don’t need to pay for your breakfast, lunch or whatever it may be.

6. Quality time with your family


Working from home gives you extra time to spend with your family. You work only for 3-4 hours a day then rest of the day you spend with your family. You will be near to your dear ones and can give them your full attention.

7. Better health and life


Working from home allows you to have extra time. This time you can use for maintaining a healthy life.
You can go for walk in the early morning or join a gym. You can eat food cooked at home. This will help you have a better healthy life

8. Work from anyplace

If you are a blogger then you can work from any place. It is not necessary then you need to have an office for that.
You can blog from your home or if you are travelling outside you can still blog as long you have access to the internet. If you are doing a day job then you have a particular work station but blogging online allows you to have freedom to work from any place.

9. Don’t need to deal with people whom you don’t like

Almost all of us have one such person in our work place whom we don’t like. But we need to adjust with them even if we don’t want.
But working online from home allows you to not have such person around you. You can better be happy with your family.

10. Less stress and more productivity


If you are working from home then you don’t need to take stress about work which has to be completed anyhow within a certain time frame. This means you need to extend your working hours if you are working in office. If you are working in sales then you have sales target, customer service etc. Your managers are always giving you an extra pressure to achieve this.
But if you are working online from home then you won’t  have such pressure. You can relax your mind. Your productivity increases. Free mind can think better and have more ideas. Better ideas leads to better productivity.

11. Opportunity for Better Future

Working online from home might give you a better future. If you are working in office then you have a fixed salary and benefits. It’s hard to get increment.
But if you are a blogger you make money online and if you are only one member of your blog then whatever money you make is for you.

Harsh Agrawal of makes around $ 15000 -$ 17000 dollar per month on average. Amit Agrawal from makes more than $ 20000 dollar per month.

If you look for people who vlog, PewDiePie, he makes more than a million dollar per year. These all promises for a better future and you are the only sole owner.
But you need to remember that it is not an easy job and you won’t be successful overnight. It takes time. You need to be working very hard mostly at the beginning when you are setting up your blog or your vlog. You need to learn a lot.


1. Isolated


If you are working from your home then you will miss your office work environment. You won’t have any colleagues with whom you can speak directly. If you have any questions or queries you need to rely on the internet. You will miss the fun.

2. Can be lazy and procrastinating


Working from home may make you lazy and develop the habit of procrastination.  At office you have deadline, your manager will push you to finish the work. But if you are working from home you are your boss. You may say that I will finish this tomorrow and today I will watch a movie. So, if you are working from home then you need to be self-disciplined.

3. No gratuity and benefits

If you are working in an office then you have gratuity at the end of your service period. If you have a government job then you will have pension. You don’t need to worry about it, you are getting fixed amount of money throughout your whole life.
You get bonus, incentives. But working online from home then you don’t get this facilities.

4. Distractions

At home you have many things to distract. Working at office everyone has to follow rules and regulations of office. But at home you don’t. You have things such as Televisions, Internet.
You have people who are visiting your home. You have relatives. So this all factors may distract from your work.

5. Other benefits

Working at some companies allows you to buy things on installment basis at an easy plan and discounts. For example I work at a retail company. My company has lots of retail brand under its group such as electronic items, cars brands like Toyota, Jeep etc.
If I need to buy a car then I can have it on installment basis. On the top of that I don’t need to give any down payment and I have discount on the regular price.
These all benefits are only possible if you are having a job. But working online from home won’t get you these benefits.
On the whole we can say working from home is really a promising career opportunity and one should follow the below guidelines to be successful
  • A person has to be self-disciplined.
  • No procrastinating and work professionally.
  • Need to develop the habit of reading a lot so as to enhance the skill.
  • You should set yourself a deadline even if you are working from home and take it seriously.
  • Very much important to set goals and deadlines.