skydrivelogoWhat does it mean by sharing excel workbooks and what is the advantage of it ?

It is providing authority to other users for viewing and editing the file. Imagine you want to provide a same file to different persons to view it and make changes to it. What would we normally used to do it. We would attach the file and send it to their email address. They would download and make the necessary changes and mail it back to you. So, you will be receiving same edited file from different persons and you will have to open each individual file to check what they have edited. But thanks to cloud file storage and sharing services that now we are able to share files and edit the file together in real time. There are many cloud storage services and one of them is Microsoft Skydrive.

Skydrive allows 7 GB of free storage for new users and, for one year, an additional 3 GB of free storage to students. Additional storage is available for purchase.

How to share an excel workbook in Skydrive?

At first make sure that you have a skydrive account. You can use any email like Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail to create a Skydrive account.
You can also download Skydrive desktop application and use it from the computer or you can use the online skydrive web application.

How to create a Skydrive account ?

Visit to

skydrivesignupLook for a signup link and click on it.
Now fill the details as per necessity. You can use any email address or get a new one.

skydrivesignup2After filling all the necessary details you have to click on “I Accept” at the end.

Sharing excel workbook in Skydrive

Open the excel program.
Create a workbook.
After entering the necessary data, click on “Save“.
Now you will get the following screen.


Click on “Browse” and you will get the browsing dialog box.
Now you can select any location from the left side desktop, downloads, documents etc.

Then enter the excel workbook name.
Then click on “Save“.

skydriveexcelsaveNow click on “Skydrive” from the left side and you will get the following screen.

skydriveexcelsave2Enter the your Skydrive user email address and click on “Next” button.

skydriveexcelsave3Enter the password for your Skydrive account and click on “Sign in


Now click on “Browse” and you can enter the name for the excel workbook.


Now click on “Save” button and the excel workbook will be saved in your Skydrive account.
You can go to and enter your user name and password and you should be able to see the file.
Now hover your mouse pointer above the file and you will see a rectangular box.

You will be able to put a tick mark on the check box to select the file.
Now click on “Sharing” tab at the top.

Now you have three options for sharing the file.
a. By sending an email.
a. By linking it to Facebook, twitter and other social media sites so that you can give permission t
Now if you want to securely share an excel workbook, I recommend using share by sending an email.
Click on “Send email“.








Now on the right hand side you will get a box for entering the address of the recipient.
Also you will a message box if you want to add a short note.
Now below you have two options:-
1. Recipients can edit:- Whoever is the recipient of the file when they log into their email account they see the file and they can directly click on it and they can edit the file.
2. Require everyone who access this to sign in:- All the recipients when they log into their email account they see the file. But when they click on it they will be directed to Skydrive web address and they need to log into their Skydrive account to edit or view the file.

Choose the second for security purpose. Once they log into their Skydrive account. They can see the file and click on “Share“. If it’s your first time for sharing file in Skydrive then you will get the following security check, you need to click on “Please complete this security check

skydrive5Now you need to enter the captcha code shown in the box.

skydrive6After entering the Captcha code click on “Continue” button.

skydrive7Now you will get a thank you message as above and just click on “Close” button.

“Note that the above mentioned verification step needs to be done only once the first time you are sharing file.”

Now you will get the screen as below.skydrive8

Put a tick mark on the check-box in front of the “Can edit” function if you want the recipient to be able to edit the file.

Now when the recipient will check their email address they will see the shared excel workbook as below.

sharedexcelworkbookWhen they click on the shared workbook they will be diverted to the skydrive web address where they have to login using the Skydrive username and the password.

skydrive9Now the following screen is displayed.


Click on “Edit workbook” drop down menu and from there select either “Edit in Excel” or “Edit in Excel in Web App“. The difference is the first requires you to have excel installed in your computer where as the second uses the web excel application.
Now after you have the necessary editing just click on the “x” cross mark at the right end of the excel window or click on “File” and then on “Save

Anyone who has the authority to edit the excel workbook can edit and the edited workbook is shared to everyone.

What if you want the original file of yours before being shared and edited?

You can always revert back to the original version of your file.

When you log into your Skydrive account, hover over the excel workbook which is shared you will see a rectangular box. Put a tick mark on the check-box on the right corner of the workbook.


Click on “Manage” drop down menu and click on “Version history

skydriveoriginal2On the left hand side you can see the Older versions of the workbook. Just click on the version you want and on the right hand side you can see the preview of that version.

skydriveoriginal3Click on “Restore” if you want the file to be restored to that time.

If you want to download the previous version of the workbook click on “Download” button.

That’s it now you are done.