Nowadays every one of us use usb stick or other memory storage devices to store files and folders. We use it to transfer file from one computer to another. We may have confidential files on memory storage devices which we don’t want others to view. So in order to solve this problem we have to password protect usb stick or other storage devices.

How to password protect a usb stick ?

Either you can manually put password on files eg. Word, Excel files and save files in the USB. But the problem is that you have put password on each files manually. And if you have to protect pictures then you have to put in a folder and put password on the folder and it takes time. Instead of that you can use third-party software which will help to encrypt all the files at the same time. There are different software available to password protect usb stick. Some them you need to install it on the system and some you can use it by directly running from the USB drive without installation. If you want to use the software which has to be installed in the system then you may not be able to do that. You should have the administrative privileges. You should not be using computer as a Guest user.

In this article we will use a software named “USB Safeguard” which you can use by directly running from the usb drive. Download and copy the file on the USBĀ  and run from there only. There are two versions for this “Free” and “Paid version. “. Free version allows you to encrypt USBĀ  upt to 2 GB. If you want to encrypt USB above 2GB then you have to go for professional version. You can visit the following website to download either Free or Paid version.

How to use USB Safeguard?

Download and copy the file to the USB which you want to protect.

Then run the program from the USB drive and you will get the following screen for the first time you run the program.


You need to put password and again reconfirm it and then click on “OK” and you will get the following message.

usbprotect4Now you will get a message that you can store the password on the Home PC so that you can retrieve in case you forget it. Click on “Yes” if want to store or else click on “No“.

If you store the password then it will be saved as “.txt” file. You can open it to view the password. Now you will get the following box for dragging the files or folder to protect. The files should be in the USB drive not on the computer.

usbprotect5Now you have two options. You can encrypt all the files at once or select the file or folder which you want to encrypt.

Now click on “Encrypt all” to password protect all the folders on the USB drive. Now the encryption process starts.

usbprotect6After encryption you will get the following box.

usbprotect7Now you will get different options for protection. Some take longer time but gives high protection.

Select the particular option which you like and press on “OK“. Now the file from the USB will be protected and will disappear from the USB.

Now if you want to view to file or decrypt it, then run the program again from the USB drive.

usbprotect2Now type the password and click on “OK“.

usbprotect8Now select the file or folder which you want to decrypt and click on “Decrypt” button. If you want to remove password for all the files or folder then click on “Decrypt All“.


After decryption click on “OK” button. Now you can see the decrypted file on the USB drive.