With the reach and increased use of internet by more and more people, the danger of getting your email account getting hacked is increasing every day. If by accidentally someone sees you type your password , then they can log into your account later on.
So, in order to prevent this you can add an extra layer of security known as two-step verification process.

Basically what you do is you enter your phone number so that when you try to log into your Google or Gmail account then you will be sent a verification code in your phone number so that you can only open your account. Unless you enter the code the account can’t be accessed. This protects your email account from getting hacked. So, even if anyone knows the password then won’t be able to open the account unless they enter the security code which is sent to your phone number.

How to enable the Google/Gmail two-step verification process?

Go this website: http://www.google.com/landing/2step/

gmail 2 step

Click on “Get Started” button.

Now you will be directed to your Google login page.

Type your username and the password and then click on “Sign in”.

Now you will see a window as shown below.

Click on “Start setup”.

gmail 2 step2

Now you need to enter the phone number where the security could can be sent by Google.

gmail 2 step3

You can get the code by either an “SMS” or by “Voice call”. Select whichever option you like.

Then click on “Send code” button.

Now a verification code will send to your mobile phone. Enter the verification code and then click on “Verify” button.

 gmail 2 step4

Now you will get an option to select the computer which you are using to enlist as a trusted computer. What this does is in case you lose the phone you will be able to open your Gmail or Google account without the use of security code. Keep the check box selected and click on “Next” button.

 gmail 2 step5

Click on “confirm” button to enable the process.

gmail 2 step6

Now if you are using other devices such as iPad, iPhone and other using your Google account you need to again reconnect those devices by putting the username and password again or else they will not work.

If you want to do it now only click on “Reconnect my apps” or else you can do it later on.

gmail 2step6

Again you will be reminded to reconnect the apps.

gmail 2step7

Click on “OK” button.

You have successfully activated 2 step verification for your Google account. Try to check it whether it is activated or not by logging into your Google account. You should get a verification code.

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