samsungs3WordPress is the most popular platform for creating blogs nowadys. The reson behind this is anyone who has the slight knowledge about website will be able to create a blog without any coding. If you have the knowledget about HTML and CSS it is more better. If you don’t have then also no need to worry about that. You will get free and paid themes to desing your blog and you will also get thousand of plugins for everyneed whether it may be having facbook like widget, ecommerce shopping cart or anything and too for free.

What is mobile friendly desing?

Nowadys people use smartphones to surf the internet. So we want to make sure that our blog or website is mobile friendly i.e all the texts and pictures are visible within the screen with no need to zoom in or zoom out or swap the page.

So how exactly you create a mobile friendly blog in WordPress

There are many plugins for doing this, but the one I am using is WP-touch.

You can download and install it in two ways.

The first way is to visit the site and click on “Plugin” menu at the top.

Search for “Wptouch” plugin.


Click on “Wptouch” and you will get the following screen.


Click on “Download” button on the right side of the screen.

Now your plugin gets downloaded .

Now log into your wordpress blog and on the left side of the blog select “Plugins” and click on “Add New

Now you will get the following screen.


Click on “Upload” button.

Now click on “Browse” button and search for the location where your “Wptouch” plugin was downloaded. Most probably it will be in the “Download” folder.

Select the plugin and click on “open

Now click on the “install Now” button as shown below.


After the plugins gets installed then you need to activate it.


Click on “Activate Plugin

Now your blog turns into mobile friendly version.

The second way to install the “WPtouch” plugin is to go to the WordPress dashboard.

Select “Plugins” and click on “Add New


Now in the search box type “Wptouch” and press “Search Plugins” button and you will get the plugin as seen in the screen below.


Now below the plugin nameĀ  you will see two menu “Details” and “Install Now“. In the above example above I have “Update Now” since I have already installed the plugin.

Now the rest of the process is same as above.

This how your blog turns into mobile friendly.