How to solve black screen problem for your PC?
I hadn’t used my Desktop PC for few months. It was OK before I stored. But today when I tried to use it there was no response, only blank screen and no beeping sound. I was puzzled at first but I finally solved it by using the following steps.

What is the reason for black screen ?

There are many reasons for black screen. May be the cables are loose, may be the power system is faulty, may be the video card is not working. So we need to analyze it one by one.

  • First of all open the cabinet of your computer.
  • Press the power on button and see if the CPU cooling fan is working or not. If it is working then there is no issue with the System Power unit.
  • Remove all the cables, all the cards which you have inserted in the slot.
  • Also remove the battery which is fixed to the mother board.
  • If you have a small “jumper‘ near to the “BIOS” remove that one too.
  • Leave the computer in this condition for sometime, may be half and hour or a hour.
  • What this does is all the information stored in the “BIOS” about your system hardware everything gets remvoed.
  • Now attach the cable of the monitor to the CPU.
  • Attach the “power cable” to the CPU and on it.
  • You should be able to hear the beeping sound and you can see the some information on the screen about your BIOS. Switch off the computer. If you can’t see the information about your BIOS on the screen and the screen still remains black then probably there is some problem with your motherboard.
  • Now insert the RAM to its slot and switch on the computer. Again the computer should start and display information on the screen. If not then the RAM has problem.
  • Then insert all the removed cards and cables of the hard disk and other hardwares.
  • Now again run the computer.
  • You should hear one short beep sound and your computer runs.

Note:– If you hear one long beep sound then you haven’t properly inserted the RAM to its slot.

This is how you can solve the black screen problem for your desktop PC. I personally have used this method many times and hope this will also help you.