You may have read about people blogging online and making thousands of dollar every month. It’s nice right. Should you consider blogging as a full time job. Probably not so early.

There are bloggers such as Darren RowseNeil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agrawal who are earning thousands of dollar every month with their blog. How they managed to do it.

Check out Darren Rowse income report for the first half of 2016 where you can see his maximum income comes from affiliate sales and product sales.

Check out income report for Harsh Agrawal from which shows his maximum earning also comes from affiliate sales.

Many of these people started blogging long way back probably around 8-9 years before. At that time blogging was just blooming. They managed to rank their articles in Google search easily. They could gain subscribers. But today it is a different scenario. There are thousand of blogs which are created daily. So, how can you compete with them and make blogging full time job.

You can take blogging in two ways either you start your own blog or else you can be a professional blogger and write for professional sites or companies.

If you are thinking of starting your own blog then good luck to you. But remember it’s very difficult to establish your brand and yourself as a blogger. It’s not a matter of 5-6 months. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes patience and dedication for that.

But if you are good at writing, have good knowledge about a particular niche then you can write for professional companies and get paid. In that case you don’t need to worry about establishing a blog, gaining traffic and subscribers.

Below are some of my honest opinions to make blogging as full time job if you have your own blog:

  • You shouldn’t consider blogging as full time income until you don’t think you have earned pretty good traffic and subscribers. Your traffic should allow you to earn 5-6 thousands dollar every month. Remember the income should be steady.

According to Lifehacker a survey of 1000 bloggers by in 2012 found out that only 17% were able to maintain their livelihood by blogging where as 81% never made above $100 from blogging.

According to, only 4% made over $10,000 and 9% made over $1000 – $9999 where as vast majority made under $100.


  • You should use different income strategies. If you see most of the established bloggers they have different income sources. They use Adsense and other advertisement programs. They use affiliate links in their site. They sell ebooks, their own products, direct ad sales on their site. Don’t depend only on one income source.
  • You should consider blogging professionally as other jobs which you do from 8-5. Amit Agrawal from states that his work begins at the breakfast table only, where he reads the news and twitter updates. And then he proceeds to his office after breakfast.
  • To be on the game you should know the rules of the game. So, you should at least have some knowledge about getting traffic to your site, Search engine optimization and keywords.
  • Have faith in what you are doing and don’t let negative thoughts distract you.
  • You should be able to write quality content. Not just any content. Share as much knowledge as you have about the topic. Do research.
  • Be active in social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus to network with other people or bloggers.
  • Make your blog Google friendly. A blog gets maximum traffic from search engine Google so make sure you blog follows Google guidelines.

If you have any of the things mentioned below then probably you are not ready to take blogging as full time job:

  • You are not serious about writing and just take it as a hobby.
  • You are not consistent and don’t have patience.
  • You don’t know much about the subject which you have chosen for writing.
  • The subject you have chosen doesn’t interest people any more. For example you can’t write tutorial about Nokia phones now in 2016.
  • Your blog doesn’t have enough page views, shares and comments.

Advantages of blogging full time job:

  • You don’t have any boss above you to command.
  • You have freedom to work at an time you choose.
  • You don’t have to worry about the traffic.
  • You have more time to spend with your family.
  • If your blog grows you will grow. If you are the only sole person working for your blog whatever income you earn is for you only.

Disadvantage of blogging as full time job:

  • You will miss office environment.
  • You won’t have any colleagues if you are working alone.
  • No incentives and bonuses.
  • No pensions

We have seen pros and cons of working as Full time blogger. We have seen it’s not impossible but it’s not that easy. So, the only thing I can say is start and try your best. Read and learn more from other bloggers who are successful in their field. See what they are doing and follow them. As I mentioned earlier “Rome was not built in a day“, it will take time and patience to make your blog grow.

Good luck.