Blogging is the arranging of data in the chronological order according to the date posted. The post which are written latest will be published at the top.

What are the advantages of Blogging for Nepalese people ?

Nepalese people can benefit immensely from blogging. Below are some of the benefits listed.

1. People can express their ideas and views.

2. Business organization can publish about their product or services through the internet and reach to millions of people.

3. Newspaper are able to publish their news online and inform people about the current news to millions of people. Current the popular newspaper blog of Nepal are,, etc.

4. Educational organizations and people expert in a particular field can teach people online and help them save money.

5. Also people can earn a handful amount of money through online advertisements like googleadsense etc.

Above all the most important thing is people will have the power to express their views and reach millions of audience.

What is the situation of Blogging in Nepal ?

There is still a lot of things to do about blogging in Nepal. There are certain groups of people only who have the knowledge of blogging. Most of the people don’t take blogging seriously. They just make a blog in free blogging platforms like just for fun only.

What are the challenges of Blogging in Nepal ?

Below are the challenges according to my opinion in Nepal.

1. There is not much development in the field of technology in Nepal. Thanks to Facebook and Youtube that many of the people have at least started to use internet. But beyond than that they should also have to get the knowledge about the progress of information and technology going in the world.

2. Even though the price of Computers has considerably dropped down but the rate of internet charges in Nepal is expensive. If you subscribe for lower bandwidth of internet may be you can pay less but the internet is very slow. For higher bandwidth of internet you have to spend more which is not affordable by most of the people in Nepal.

3. The third thing is the problem of Loadshedding in Nepal. Electricity is not continuous due to which people can’t use the internet continuously. There is not enough time for people to give to blogging.

Anyway I am sure slowly and steadily more number of people will understand the importance of Blogging and do it professionally.

Good Luck.