Today is the age is blogging. Everyone is looking out to blog in their interested subject matter. Some want to blog for making an image for themselves in their interested area. Some want to blog as to earn some extra money. Some blog for helping others by informing and educating about certain topics. Whatsoever may be the reason when you start a blog then you may be having some common bogging mistakes as mentioned below. Don’t worry everyone goes through the same road. No one is perfect. As you keep on practicing and learning you will learn more.

1. Not having Vision for your Blog

One of the greatest mistakes is not having vision for your blog. You should be very clear from the beginning why you want to blog. Are you blogging just for hobby, just to inform about your friends or families to inform about your daily activities. Are you blogging to educate people? Are you running a news blog? Do you want to blog for making online income? The tone and language of the blog depends on the purpose of your blog. If it’s just a hobby, then the language can be informal. If it is a professional blog, then the language should be professional and formal.

2. Wanting a Fancy design

When I wanted to start a blog I wanted to have a beautiful and fancy design for my blog. My conception was blog with fancy flash files and more of JavaScript sliders will be more popular. But unless your blog is about photography or graphic design it is better to keep your blog design simple.

“The greatest ideas are the simplest – William Golding, Lord of the files

A simple blog design with minimum number of pictures will make your blog load faster. It won’t distract your reader’s attention from the content. Also make sure the blog background and the foreground font color is in contrast. Eg. White background with black font and the font size should be around 16 pixels.

Blogs with flashing banner is a big NO. It irritates the visitors and move them away from your blog.

3. More focused on Earning

Of course when you start a blog then your expectation may be making money out of blogging. I admit, I had the same feeling when I started a blog. But You don’t want to shift your focus totally on money only or else your quality of writing will suffer. It’s better if you have good content at first. More Good content leads more traffic, more traffic, better chances you have to earn more money.

4. Putting too much Ads program when you don’t have traffic:

There are many ads program that let you make money such as Google Adsense, Infolinks etc. But as a beginner you shouldn’t be enticed to put all those ad networks in your site. Put a single ad program and the best will be Google AdSense. Focus less on Ad programs and built a value proposition for your blog.

5.Blogs with background music

As I mentioned earlier keep your blog simple. Don’t add any background music to your blog. I have visited some blogs which plays audio automatically as soon as you open the blog. It is irritating at times. You have to look where the mute button is to stop the music from playing which is an extra work for the readers.

6.Not thinking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from the beginning or worrying too much

Search engine optimization is what makes your blog visible to the search engine. Make sure to follow Search engine guidelines from the beginning. Below are some of the SEO guidelines.

  • Create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to search engines like Bing, Google. This makes your blog visible in search engine.
  • Look for keywords which people are searching for. eg. General people will search for Malaria not Plasmodium falciparum. Use common sense to use those words which people look for.
  • Go to Google AdWords key planner to search for phrases or keywords which people are looking for and see the search volume so that you have an idea of what to write about.
  • Use Google Analytics to find out what queries are working for your site and focus on those topics.

These are simple things you can do as a beginner. Don’t be over obsessed with SEO. There are companies which promises you to improve your search engine ranking. For this they charge you certain amount. As a beginner I don’t think it is wise enough you to spend a lot of money for such companies. There are many scam programs. Unless your site doesn’t have a value, your site can’t get better in Search engine ranking. If you really want to use SEO service then do a thorough research before using any SEO company service.

7. Free Hosting Platform

If you are serious about blogging, then you shouldn’t go for free hosting platform such as blogger or wordpress.com. Instead look for a reliable hosting which empowers you to customize your blog. Some of the Good hosting platform can be Bluehost, Dreamhost. Make sure that your hosting providers have good after sales support. Check the review of the hosting provider in Google and you will get an idea about the hosting companies. At present I am using Bluehost and until now I am satisfied with their service. Whenever I had any problem in my blog I could contact with the bluehost support team within few minutes through live chat and resolve the problem. The cheapest plan currently starts with $ 3.95/month which is shared hosting. But I prefer you to go for at least Virtual Private server with which you have more speed and more control over the server.

8. Site speed

Site speed is one of the important factor which you should consider from the beginning. Many of us use Shared hosting. In shared hosting one same resource is shared among users. As a beginner it is Okay but if you are serious about blogging then you should at least go for Virtual Private Server hosting. In Virtual private hosting a server is virtually divided and each division acts as a separate system. Google uses site speed as a ranking factor. From reader’s perspective if a person clicks on a certain link and if takes longer time to open the site the reader will definitely move away from the site.

According to Google Gospel of speed, if search results are delayed even by a fraction of a second (i.e 0.4 second) then it delays 0.44 percent drop in search volume, data and fans.

When Edmunds, a leading car review destination, reduce load times from nine seconds to 1.4 seconds, ad revenue increased three percent, and page views-per-session went up 17 percent.

These all data shows that your site should have a good speed. Preferably the loading time should be within 2 seconds.

9. Not enough promotion

I believe that you should promote your blog. Specially today since there are millions of blogs it is necessary for you to promote more than before. I came to know about this fact by chance. I used to throw waste rice grains inside the garbage bags. But one day I just took some of the rice grains and kept it on a plate outside the kitchen. Then what I found later on was there were pigeons who were feeding on the rice grains. This shows that creating a blog is not enough it should be promoted and can be discovered by others. That’s why you should considers Search Engine Optimization from the beginning. Below are some of the things which you should be doing from the beginning.

  • Create a Facebook page.
  • Create a Google plus profile
  • Subscribe forums of your niche and interact and promote your blog.
  • Create a YouTube channel if possible for your niche and create how to videos.
  • Publish about your blog in local newspaper.
  • Interact with bloggers of your niche.
  • Guest post if you want to be seen.

10. Not considering the type of audience you are writing for

What if you are writing a blog for childrens, do you want to use heavy words. Of course not. You should think from children’s point of view. If you are writing a technical blog, you should consider for whom you are writing for. If you are writing tutorial for beginners, then you should start from the beginning and in detail. Similarly, if you are writing for advanced learners then you need not explain everything from beginning in detail.

11. No Consistency and patience

Not being consistent is one of the biggest problem among bloggers. Bloggers expect too much from their blog at an early stage. They hope to make a lot of money from the early stage. But this is not possible. Once they see that they are not getting what they want, then they stop to blog. Their passion for blogging disappears. Instead of trying to know what is going wrong, they think that it is none of their business. As a person if you stop learning then you stop growing.

A person who tries fails, a person who runs fall down. It is not failing or falling down which matters, what matters is how strong you bounce back. So, always have determination, patience, consistency for your work.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robbins
“Patience is a conquering virtue.” ― Geoffrey Chaucer

12. Not paying attention to your Grammar and Spelling

If you want to look professional, then you should pay attention to your Grammar and spelling. A blog post with too many grammatical and spelling mistakes don’t look trustworthy. And if it is not trustworthy then people won’t be interested in what you write. But, of course, unless you are a Graduate holder in English and unless it is your first language we all make mistakes.

13. Having poor format quality

Make sure you format your blog post before you publish. The font size should be readable. Having a font size about 16 pixels is good. Use Bullet points to list the main points. Break your long content in paragraphs. There should be enough spaces between lines so that they don’t look cluttered. Let the background of your blog be light color such as white and the font color be black. No fancy font colors such as yellow, green etc. You should consider from the users perspective.

Google has stressed enough that it gives priority to those blogs which has quality material and good user interface.

14. No interaction with readers

When someone reads your blog then people have their own opinion about your blog post. Some may like it. Some may disagree with your point of view. People express their views by commenting. So, you should always check and reply back to them. Check for genuine comments not the spammy one. If someone appreciates your blog post than thank them and suggest them to check other articles which may be helpful to them.

On the other hand if someone disagrees with your blog post, then genuinely thank them for their feedback. Check whether you agree with their feedback and then thank them for correcting you.


15. Not Using Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search console

Google has provided us with free tools such as Google Analytics which helps you to know about your website. You can see the number of sessions which is the number of visitors.


You can also check real time traffic i.e How many visitors are currently viewing your site. You can see their locations, traffic sources etc. You can check which Browsers people are using more to view your site.

You can check for which queries you are getting more visitors.


And there a lot more.

With Google Search Console, previously known as Google Webmaster tools, you can see messages if there is any problem with your site. You can add sitemap. You can see how many URLs you have submitted and how many of them have indexed and lot more. Use these tools for free and improve your site performance.

16. Not interlinking your blog post

Interlinking post is very important from SEO perspective. You should link blog post whenever possible and in a natural way. Don’t try to link without purpose. Whenever you link then don’t use words like “Click here”. Instead use meaningful sentences according to the context.

Eg. Use phrases or sentences such as Here are ten ways to get traffic to your blog to Link your blog post where you have described ten ways to get traffic to your blog.

Interlinking post engages readers. Instead of just reading the post and clicking away, entice them to click on the links and look for other blog post. If you are using WordPress then you can use plugins to display your popular blog post on the right sidebar so that readers can check them and hopefully open the link.

17. Not taking critics in a positive way

As I mentioned above earlier that you should interact with your readers. Whenever you write a post then there are different points of views about your post. Some may be in favor with you. Some may criticize you for poor design, for your grammatical mistakes, for the shallow content. In any case don’t be demotivated by it. Instead take the criticism in a positive way and look for the areas where you can improve. It is actually a method for you to correct yourself.

“The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

Norman Vincent Peale

18. Write what you like about

Write what you like about, what you are passionate about or what you know about. If you try to write about topics which you don’t know but you are lured because there is a greater scope, then you will surely fail. You need to try very hard to find the topics and to write the content as you don’t know about the topic. But if you know about a certain niche or if you are passionate about a certain thing then automatically you will have ideas to write. You will enjoy.

19. Focus on quality content from the beginning (Long form of content)

As a blogger this is one of the mistake I have done. When I started blogging then I didn’t know about the quality of the content. I didn’t know that your blog post should cover all the aspects and it should be in detail. Detail blog post ranks better in search engine than shallow content.

According to SerpIQ the top ranked content had about 2450 words.

long content

Don’t be carried away by writing short and shallow blog post in order to increase the number of articles. It is not the number of articles which increase your ranking in Search engine. Instead it is the quality of article which helps you to rank better in search engines.

According to Buzzsumo who analyzed the 10% most shared article, they found that the content which has 3000 – 10000 words shared most.

shared content

I understand that it is not always possible to write content more than 3000 words. It depends on the niche too. If you are writing about Gadget review then you may not be able to write 3000 words. Contrary to that if you are writing about personal development then you can easily write more than 3000 words. Try to cover all the aspects of the topic and do your best.

eg: If you are writing how to change wallpaper in Windows desktop then you can write how you can do it in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 etc if it is a different process in each of them.


20.Build an email list

The other mistake which I did is not building an email list. If people like your blog then let them subscribe to your blog so that they can come back whenever you post a new article. Today is the age of competition. You have thousands of blog writing about the same topic. So it is very important for you that people read what you write about. If people subscribe to your blog then you have the chances to inform your subscribers about your new blog post.

Another advantage is if you are into affiliate marketing then you can inform about a product to your subscribers. You can tell them what they get from the product. If you can convince them then you have the chances to sell them and get profit out of it.

21. Hitting publish button too early

I know you will be tempted too early to hit the publish button as soon as you write a blog post. You need to resist this temptation. Once you write a blog post then you should spend 20 to 30 minutes to check the blog post.

Check whether there are any grammatical errors. Check whether you have missed any important points. Don’t always rely on WordPress spelling checker or Microsoft Word spell checker. Read each sentences. Sometimes you will see words which you might have typed mistakenly, which you don’t want. If those words have correct spelling, then spellchecker can’t correct it.

22. Inconsistent in blog posting

Blog posting frequency is important. Google loves those blogs which are updated regularly. As a blogger if you don’t get what you want then you will be demotivated and you will stop posting your blog. But that is a big mistake. Things don’t come easy way in your life.

As per tresnicmedia when they started publishing 2 blog post per day for 5 weeks their traffic increased by 438%.

case study

According to Kevin J. Duncan of beabetterblogger.com, when he started publishing blog post everyday traffic for his blog increased by 46%.

Social share increased by 84%

social share

Comments increased by 119%.

comment increase

Of course when you start publishing everyday then you will be exhausted. You shouldn’t compromise quality over quantity.

23. Not having a particular niche

When you start blogging career, then you should focus on a particular niche. You may be tempted to write about everything in the world whichever you know about. But it is not a wise idea. You should focus on a particular niche which you are passionate about.

How will you decide a particular niche?

You should target those niches which has less competition and a decent amount of search. If you want to target “Cars” then you should consider before targeting, it. There are websites which have already targeted it and theirs domain authority and page authority may be far more than yours. You should target Long tail phrases. Instead of “Cars” you can target keywords such as “used Honda Cars repair center”.

24. Not filtering the comments

I know how you feel when you are starting your blog and you start to receive comments. You will be tempted to approve it. But instead of approving every comment, you should check the background of the domain. If you find the domain authority and page authority high, then approve the comments.

Many Spam sites comment about your blog post appreciating your blog post.

spam comment

Don’t get tempted by that. They just want to get link from your blog. In fact accepting every comment without checking the domain background will hurt your sites in Google ranking.

If you are using WordPress then you have service such as akismet which will help you fight about spam comments. The basic price for a single site starts with $ 5 per month.

25. Not being unique

Of course if you are writing about a blog topic which everybody writes then it won’t be easy for you to produce 100% original content. But you should try your hard to pitch it in your own tone. The language you use should be your own. Add what is missing. Disagree and write why you disagree.

26. No call to Action

What next when people read your blog. There should be something for them to do. Let people like your blog post. Let them subscribe to your blog. Call to Action is a link or a button which helps to convert a potential visitor to a subscriber. Also if you are into affiliate marketing then a subscriber can be a potential customer. Single drops of water contributes to make oceans. So, never underestimate the chance of getting even one loyal readers.


Don’t get too much worried about how to get ranked. Don’t be afraid how you will compete with rest of the world. Write what you know about, what you are passionate about. Don’t get into niche that is too competitive, start with something basic which don’t have high competition. Focus on the quality of the content. Write descriptive long blog post. Do your best and forget the rest.