What is a Taskbar ?

It is the horizontal bar which you can see at the bottom of the windows screen. It is used to launch program. It consists of a start button, and the programs pinned to the taskbar and some application icons such as network, power, sound at the right end corner. It was first introduced in Windows 95. For more information about taskbar you can visit the wikipedia site.

How to change the color of the Taskbar ?

By default in Windows 7 the color of taskbar is blue and it is transparent. But you can change the color. Remember when you change the color of the taskbar, the color of the window frame and start menu also changes.
For changing the taskbar in Windows 7 you should have selected¬† “Windows 7” theme under “Aero theme“.


1 . Now click on “Windows color“.

2. Then select the color which you want for the taskbar.

3. You can click on “Enable Transparency” to make the taskbar looks transparent.

4. Drag the slider of “color intensity” to make the color darker or lighter.

5. Click on “Show color mixer” to expand.

6. You can slide the slider to mix the color.

7. Click on “Save changes.

Now the color of the taskbar changes.

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