How to change the front page and the number of posts to be displayed on the front page of your blog?

Do you want your WordPress blog to display the new post as the front page or change to a static page

Click on “Settings” and then on “Reading” and you will get the following screen.


Click on “Latest post” radio button so that your blog shows the latest post on the front page of your blog.

Click on “A static page” and select the static page which you want to display on the front page of your WordPress blog.

Fill in the box on the right side of “Blog pages show at most” to show how many posts are to be displayed on the WordPress blog.

Similarly for RSS feed you can select how many RSS feed to show and whether to show the Full text or the summary.

If you want to discourage search engine from indexing the site then put a tick mark on the check box in front of the “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” option.

After making all the changes click on “Save changes” button