A cache is the method  by which browsers stores the images, information and webpages so that the next time if you request the same page then instead from the server the page is retained back from the cache memory. Whereas cookies the information stored about a particular website you visit. It records the history of your activity for a web page, what did you do on the webpage, where did you click etc.

Although cache memory helps to deliver the frequently visited site faster, but if the cache memory is full then you may have problem in visiting other sites. Your browser may run slow and also you may want to remove the cookies so that others can’t track about your activity on a webpage. So, let me show you how to clear the Firefox cache and cookies.

Clearing Firefox cache

1. Manually

Click on “Tools” – “Options” – “Advanced” – “Network“.

firefox cache

Under “Cached web content“, click on “Clear Now” button.

This will remove the cache from the Firefox memory.

2. Automatically

Click on “Tools” – “Options” – “Privacy“.

Under “History“, click on the drop-down menu next to “Firefox will” and select “Use custom settings for history“.

firefox cache

Now put a tick mark in front of the check-box “Clear history when Firefox closes“.

Click “Settings” button next to it.

firefox cache

Now put a tick mark in the check-box in front of “cache“.

firefox cahce

Click on “OK” twice.

These two methods above will clear the Firefox cache memory.

How to clear the Firefox cookies?


Click on “Tools” – “Options” – “Privacy“.

firefox cache

Click on “Remove individual cookies“.

Firefox cahce

Now you can select each cookie which you want to remove and then click on “Remove cookies” or you can click on “Remove all Cookies” to clear all the cookies at once.


Follow the same procedure as mentioned above in clearing cache memory automatically.


Now put a tick mark on the check-box in front of “Cookies” and then click on “OK“. This will automatically delete all cookies when you close Firefox.

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