At some point of time all of many of us want to check the age of different domains. It may be just a curiosity to find the age or we may want to know how long this particular domain took to get the particular page rank or the number of  followers.  Below is the comparison for different domain age checker websites This website helps you to find out when the domain was registered and when it will expire. If you want to know the exact age of the domain then you have to do manual counting for the number of years. But the cool thing about this site it will give you information about the website host provider, registrant info, location of the administrator, domain name servers. This all may not necessary for you but if you want to get extra information then you can use it. It also gives information about same domains in other format like .us, .edu, .biz etc.


Seologs:-This has a simple interface which helps you to find out the age of the domain and the date and the year when it was created. You can use it to find the age of a single domain.

webconfs:- This also has a simple user interface. But in this one you can compare the age of more than one domain. But when I used it didn’t give me correct information about the domain age.

webconfs This website helps to find out and compare tha age of about ten domain at once. It will return the value in years, months and days. It is fairly simple and easy to use.

seomastering” So, the result is if you want to find out more information beside the age of domain then you can use, but if you want to find out the age of  more than one domain or compare two or more domain then you can use”