Have you ever wanted to finish a certain work on your computer and turn it off after that? May be you have an important work outside and at the same time you are downloading or doing something in your system. You know that it is going to end at a certain time. In this case you can set a time at which your computer shuts down automatically.

We will be looking into two ways to do so:

One by using task scheduler which comes with windows and the other is by using a third-party software.

Using Task Scheduler

Go to “control panel”.

Click on “Administrative tools”.

Open “Task Scheduler”.

Select “Task scheduler (Local)”.

From the “Actions” pane on the right side select “Create Basic Task”.


A wizard box appears.

In the name box write the name of the action i.e for me I am writing “Shutdownpc” and in the description box you can describe more about the action.


Click “Next” button.

Now you can select how frequently the actions to occur i.e “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” etc. For me I am testing so I will select “One time”. It means the action will be performed once and then it is deleted.


Click on “Next” button.

Select the date and the time for the action.


Remember the date and the time of the action should be in future, not in the past.

Click “Next” button.

For “Action” select, “Start a program”.


Click “Next”.

Now you need to select a command for shutting down which is “shutdown.exe” present in “C:\Windows\System32” folder.


Click on “Browse” button.

Select the command and click on “Open”.


Click on “Next”.

Click on “Finish” button.

You have successfully set a date and time for the computer to shut down automatically.

Using Wise Auto shutdown

You can use a third-party software such as “Wise Auto Shutdown”.

Download it from this link.

Install and run the software.

Select the task as “Shut down”, For time you can either select a specified date and time or you can set it as daily.

wise autoshutdown

The check box for “Please remind me 5 minutes before the task is executed”.

Click on “Start task”.

You will be asked whether you want to perform this action.

wise autoshutdownIf you want click on “Yes” or else select “No“.

Five minutes before the specified time you will see the reminder box as below.

wise autoshutdown

If you want you can delay the action.

Select the time up to which you can delay and click on “Delay alert”.

This is how you can set a date and time for auto shutdown of the computer.