PDF or Portable Document Format is a form of document including text, image which can be used to share between different operating systems. You can use either Adobe Acrobat or third-party software which you can install in any operating system and open the PDF file. So, in this article we will see how to convert pdf to word doc free online or with the help of a free software.

Convert PDF to word doc with a free software

Click on this link to download Free PDF software

Download and install the software.

The interface of the software looks like as below.


Click on “Select File” button.


Select the pdf file and click on “Open” and then click on “Convert” button.

Once the PDF file is converted, you will get the following dialog box.

pdftoword3Now either you can open file or you can open the folder where the file is saved after conversion. So, this is how you can convert PDF to word doc for free. Now let us see how to convert it online.

Convert PDF to word doc free online

You can also convert pd to word doc online without installing any software.

Click on this link http://www.pdfonline.com/pdf-to-word-converter/ to open pdf converter.

pdftowordonlneClick on “Upload a File to Convert


Now select the pdf file to convert and click on “Open” button.

Now your pdf file starts to get converted. If you have lots of image then it will take more time to convert.


Once the conversion is completed then you will see the output document and you have the option to download it also.



This is how you can convert pdf to word online for free.