How to create a shortcut key for any program?

What is a shortcut key?

It is a combination of two or three keys in a keyboard for executing a particular command or can be used for opening any programs.

What is the advantage of having a shortcut key?

A shortcut key saves our time as it is easy to press than to click the command with a mouse pointer. It may take time to find the menu or search a program.

Create a shortcut key for any program

  • Right click on any program icon on the desktop or find it from the program folder. For example inside Microsoft Office folder you get the icon for Winword, Excel, Powerpoint, Access etc.


  • You will get the properties box for that particular program.
  • Now in the shortcut key box you can type any key 1 to 0 or a to z or any symbol. You will see that you will automatically get the “Ctrl + Alt” along with the key you have just type. So, the shortcut key will be like this. If you pressed “a” then it will be “Ctrl + Alt + a”.


Press the key and your program will run.

This is how you can create a shortcut key for any program in Windows using Alt and Ctrl keys.