In this tutorial we will see how to create reset disk for Windows logon password for an administrator. In case you forgot the password for an administrator you can again reset the password by using the rescue disk. You can use a flash drive or USB drive for creating a rescue disk.

Go to “Control Panel” and click on “User accounts“.



Click on “Create a password reset disk“.




Now you will see a dialog box which welcomes you for creating a password reset disk.

Note that anyone can use that password reset disk and create a new password.¬†Click on “Next” button.


Now select the drive which you want as a reset disk.


After selecting click on “Next” button.

Now you need to enter the current password.

password reset disk

After entering the current password, click on “Next” button. Now process of creating reset disk starts.

password reset disk

When the process completes then click on “Next” button.

Now you will get a message that the password reset disk is created. Now you have to label it as password reset disk for remembering and should store it safely so that no one else can get it.

password reset disk

Click on “Finish” button.

How to reset the Forgotten password with the reset disk ?

Suppose if you forgot your administrator password then you need to insert your password reset disk in the USB drive. Once you have entered the wrong password you will get the following screen.

password reset disk

It gives you a message that the password is incorrect. Click on “OK” button.

password reset disk


Now you need to enter the password reset disk and then click on “Next” button.

password reset disk


Now you will get an option for creating a new password for administrator.

password reset disk

Click “Next” button.

password reset disk


Now click on “Finish” button.

Now you can enter the new password and log on your computer.


  • You should have created password reset disk for the administrator at first.
  • If you forget it afterwards then you need to plugin the password reset disk.
  • You will get an option to enter the new password. Create a new password and then log into your computer.