How to Customize a theme for wordpress?

There are times when you want to make changes to your theme. May be you want to change the color of the elements, remove the header logo, footer logo, increase the font size etc. These all can be done by customizing the theme.

There are different ways to customize a theme.

1. When you are in the wordpress admin panel or dashboard you can see the following figure.

Click on “Customize your site” button. ┬áNow you will be able to change the Site title, tag line , background color etc. But remember that what you can customize with this depends on theme.






















2. The second way is Go to Appearance and in that look for the particular theme options. In my case I have installed “Freshlife Theme“, so I have “Freshlife Theme Options“. Click on it.

Now you get options for customizing the theme e.g Navigation, background, general setting , layout setting etc. Remember that this also depends on the type of theme you have selected.


Under the Theme option you will find a box with “Custom CSS” where you can put the CSS elements for customizing the theme.










3. The third otpion is Go to “Appearance” and then to the “Editor“. You will go the editor’s window. From the bottom right hand side select “Style.css” file which controls the layout of the theme and the elements of theme. Now here you can make changes according to your desire.





Remeber to use “Firebug” extension to find out the elements of the theme and search the element in the Style.css file amd make the changes.

Afte you have finished the editing click on “update file“.