You must have installed many apps on your iPhone 7. There are millions of apps in app store. So, we like to try different apps. But there may be apps which you don’t want in your iPhone 7 and you want to remove it from your system. So, in this article we will see two ways by which you can delete apps from your iPhone 7.

First method

1. Tap and hold the app which you want to delete.

2. You will see the apps shaking and there will be a cross icon on the upper left corner of the app.

delete apps

3. Tap on it.

4. You will get a warning message “deleting the app will also delete the data” but if you have stored the data in the iCloud it won’t be deleted.

delete apps

5. Tap on “Delete” to delete the app from iPhone.

Second Method

1. Tap on “Settings“.

delete apps

2. Select “General“.

delete apps

3. Select “Storage & iCloud Usage“.

delete apps

4. Under “Storage“, tap on “Manage storage“.

5. You will see all the apps you have installed.

6. Select the app which you want to delete.

7. Select “Delete App“.

delete apps

8. Again tap on “Delete App” to delete it.

delete apps

Third Method: Using iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the lightning cable.

2. If your computer asks for permission then tap on “Trust” on the iPhone to connect it to the iTunes.

trust this computer

3. Open iTunes.

4. Click on the phone icon.

install apps

5. Click on “Apps” to see all the installed and yet to be installed apps.

installed apps

6. You will see all the pages and the installed apps.

7. Double click on the page from where you want to delete apps.

8. Now when you move your mouse pointer on the app which you want to delete you will see a cross icon.

install apps

9. Click on the cross icon to delete the app.

10. Click on “Apply” button to “sync” the iPhone.

11. Now the app will be deleted from the iPhone.