How to disable Startup program to load and run windows 8 faster?

When a computer is started along with the operating system other utility programs also starts along with Windows such as Windows Firewall, Antivirus software etc. If you have installed other utility software then it may also start with Windows. The problem with this is if you have many programs running with Windows then it takes time for Windows to load up and become ready for use. I have found this problem with many computers. So the easy way to fix it is to disable startup program.

How can you find which programs run along with Windows 8 at the start up?

Press “Ctrl + Del + Alt “at the same time and you will get the task manager window.


Click on “start up” tab and you will see the list of programs their status either enabled or disable and their impact whether high or medium.

How to disable startup programs in windows 8 ?

Select the program which you want to disable and from the menu select “disable”.

Now the program gets disabled from running at the start up.
This reduces loading time of Windows.