How to enable Gmail desktop notification and get notified about new mail so that you don’t forget to view any one of the mail?

Many of us use Gmail everyday for either personal or business purpose. Some of us need to be in front of the computer and need to check mail every few hours. It would be easier for us if we knew that we have new mails in our inbox. You can make necessary changes in the Gmail so that you don’t need to check your inbox for new mail.

Log into your Gmail account.

Then click on Gear icon and click on “Settings

gmailsettingNow scroll down and look for “Desktop notification


Now click on the radio button in front of “New mail notification

Click on “Save changes” button at the end.

You have successfully enable Gmail desktop notification.

Next time you receive a new email to your Gmail address, you will see a notification message at the lower right corner of the screen as shown below.