With the period of time when you use your computer, you create files, download files from the internet. Your computer will be crowded with files. You may have duplicate files on your computer. It takes space. When your hard disk is crowded with files, then your computer will be slow. So, in this tutorial we will see how to find and remove duplicate files using a software and speed up the computer.

The software which we will be using is “Duplicate file finder” which you can download it from here.

The software comes in free edition and in pro version but with the free edition also we can do our work.

Download and install the software.

Now while we remove the duplicate files we have to make sure that the files having same name should have same extension also or else you will be removing files of different extensions with the same name. Example file created in excel and in word with same name will be deleted.

Open the software.

For this tutorial I have created a file “Kundan.xls” in excel and saved in “C:” and in “F:” Now we be trying to find out the duplicate file and remove it.

At first click on “Add path” tab and select at first “C:” and then “F:” drive or in your case select the drives where you think are the duplicate files.

duplicate file finder

Under “search engines” type you have “Basic Engines-Free”. This is the only feature you can use with the free version.

duplicate file finder

Under “Basic engines Free” we have two options: “Content match byte by byte” where you can find duplicate files with the same name, extension and same date and time.

duplicate file finder

The next is “Match File Names” where you have same file names, extension, file size and date and time.

duplicate file finder

For this tutorial we will select “Match File Names” option.

Under “Match File Names” I have selected same file name, extension and size. You make sure that you select the same size also so that the duplicate files are exact. I have left same date and time because the same files may have copied on different time and date.

duplicate file finder

Click on “Start Search”.

Now your computer will be scanned and this is what my result shows.

duplicate delete

I have two files with same name, extension and same size.

I can see a message box which tells me how much space will be increased if I delete the file.

duplicate result

Click on “Delete Duplicates” to remove the duplicate file.

You can either delete and keep the files in “Recycle bin” from where you can get it back later or you can “Permanently” delete the file.

dulicate delete

This is how you can remove the duplicate files of exact type, size and name and increase space in your computer.

This will help your computer to run faster.