If you have less memory installed in your system and if you are opening lots of program then you may get a warning message as Computer low on memory.

low memoryIn this case you need to find out program using high memory and close it if you are not using it.

Press “Ctrl+Alt+Esc“.

Now you will get the task manager dialog box below.

low memory

Click on “Processes” tab and then on “Memory” tab.

Now you can see the list of programs which is active and the amount of memory used by those program. In the picture above the programs active and using memory in Descending order are “Firefox“,”Skype“,”ms-paint“,”Winword” etc.

I can close “Skype“, “Winword” since I am not using them and they are just there using extra memory.

This is how you can close unwanted program using high memory and remove computer low memory problem.