Frequency vs Quality

Most of us may be confused what is better for us Frequency of posts or Quality content. According to Matt Cutts from Google, quality of the content is more important than the frequency of the content if you are considering for search engine optimization. So, let us analyze this.

People like to visit sites or blogs which have quality content. But people also like to visit sites which are dynamic, which have new content. We don’t like to visit the same site which has the same content every time we visit it. May be we will feel excited to see the site for first time or for few days but after a certain interval of time we will loose our interest if you are a regular visitor. We want new and refreshing things.

But at the same time we want to visit sites having high quality content. Content which solves our problem, provides useful information and interesting to us. We won’t simply visit a site which has thousands of post but which is of no value. People will ultimately visit our blog for quality content not just for a nonsense article. Search engine also tends to display blogs with posts of high value rather than the number of posts.

So, I think we should take a midway approach. We should update our blogs with high quality content. We can update once or twice in a week. But the post which we update should be of high value so that it will compel visitors to visit our blog again and again.