In simple terms it is the number and quality of links pointing towards your site which increases the weight and ranking of your site in search engines for a particular query.

How to increase the Google Page rank of a website?

The factor which increases the Google  page rank are the number and quality of links.

In the picture below we can see that the website A has four links two from the New York Times and two from Google whereas the website B has eight links from X, Y, Z, C. Although website B has more number of links that A but the quality of links for A is better so it will have more page rank than the B.


How to get the Quality Back links to your site?

Quality Content: – Nothing beats this when it comes to getting Page Rank. Your content should be relevant and reputable. The content should be relevant to the current time. If you are the one who is the first one to write quality content about any recent gadgets or news you will be found easily on the search engine and your page rank increases.

Originality is the other factors which increases the quality of your content. If you have done a detail research about a particular niche then you will be the only person who can rank better for that topic in the search query. Not all of us are able to do this because this is time consuming so what we normally tend to do is to take an idea expressed by other people and just express our opinion or criticize about it.

The other thing is being reputable. What increases your reputation? It is the content which you offer to the readers which makes you reputable. If you offer content which is interesting, fun and informative then your site will be reputable. We should not confuse reputation with popularity. Your site may be popular but not reputable. E.g. Porn sites they are popular. They are view by millions of people but they don’t have good Page Rank because they are not reputable. High quality website like The Huffington post, The NY times don’t link to these sites. So, it is the reputation that effects the Page Rank of a site.

Build your site with tutorials like How to… This is informative and problem solving. If you are genuine in solving other problems then people will be interested in you and link to you.

Participate in forum and answer other questions like, or Microsoft forum

Guest posting or article submission in popular sites like “e-zine” also helps to exchange links and increase the page rank of your site.

We can offer some free service like providing free utilities software, WordPress plugins, add-on for Firefox, chrome etc. By doing show people will visit you and link to you expecting more from you in the future.

Optimizing your site for search engine. The first thing is to make sure your site can be found by Search engine like Google, Bing. Create a sitemap for your website. They are the structure of your website which gives information about the number of pages. You should submit the sitemap to these search engines. By doing so search engine can crawl through your website and index the pages. Also you should mention the keywords somewhere in the content so that search engine can find your site. But it doesn’t mean that you have to stuff your content with keywords. In the end it is the quality of the content which matters not the quantity of the keywords. Mentioning the keyword two to three times is enough.

Creating and Publishing videos: – YouTube videos are popular all over the world. These videos can go viral within few hours or days. Psy from South Korea got viral when he published the song on the YouTube. So your effort should be creating a high quality videos which solves other problems in your particular niche. In this way more people will visit to your site and link to you.

So, follow the above steps and increase your Google Page rank.