What are WordPress theme and why they are so important ?

WordPress themes are ready-made layout, design for a blog. They are designed by professionals and ready to be installed and used. If you don’t have any knowledge about coding or Web designing then you can use WordPress theme to create a website or a blog in WordPress.

How to install WordPress theme for free ?

Basically there are two kinds of WordPress theme one is Free and the other one is Premium WordPress theme which you can download for a few dollars.

Why you need Premium WordPress theme when you have Free WordPress theme ?

Premium WordPress theme have more functionality. You can customize Premium WordPress theme according to your own choice. You have different kinds of useful plugins already included with the Premium WordPress theme. They are coded for faster performance also.

In this tutorial I will show how to install WordPress theme for free.

Go to this website: http://www.wordpress.org/themes.

Now you can see different themes. Just click on “Download” button for the theme which you want to download. It will be saved in “zip” format.

Now the next step is to install the WordPress theme.

Just type the name of your WordPress blog followed by forward slash and “wp-admin“.

eg. www.kudanstech.com/wp-admin

Now enter the username and password for your blog. Now you will enter into the main dashboard for your WordPress blog.

Now go to “Appearance” and “Themes“.


Click on “Add New” button.


Click on “Upload” link. Now click on “Browse” button as shown below

install WordPress theme

Select the WordPress theme downloaded and click on “Install Now” button as shown below.

install wordpress theme

Now you will get two options after that either “Activate”  or “Live Preview“. If you want to see how your blog looks like with the new theme then click on Live Preview or if you want to directly install the theme then click on “Activate

Now the other way to install themes are searching with criteria.

Go to “Dashboard” of your blog.

Now go to “Appearance” and then to “Themes“.

Click on “Add New” button as shown in Fig 1.

Now you will see the following figure.


Now from the criteria above look for the one which you like eg. “Color“, Layout such as “Responsive Layout” and click on “Find Themes” button.

Now you will get themes as per your criteria selection.

install themes wordpress

Now click on either “Install Now” button to install the theme.

So, this is how you can install WordPress theme for free.