Facebook email is an optional email address for your Facebook account. It is based on the username of the Facebook account. So, if the user name is “abc” then the Facebook email address will be “abc@facebook.com”.

You need to understand that the Facebook email address is based on the primary email address which you use to create your Facebook account. For example if you have used “abc@gmail.com to register for your Facebook account then it is the primary email address.

So, any message which is sent to “abc@facebook.com” will be forwarded to abc@gmail.com.

In order to active Facebook email address then follow the steps mentioned below:

Log into your Facebook account.

Click on drop down menu as shown in the picture below.


Click on “Settings”.

Click on “General”.

Click on “Edit” link next to “Email”.


Select the check-box “Use your Facebook email address: …..@facebook.com”.

facebook email

Click on “Save Changes”.

You need to re-enter the password for security reason.



Click on “Submit“.

This is how you can activate your Facebook email address.