All of us are using some of the Google account every day whether it may be Gmail, Google plus, Google drive or YouTube. All of these Google products are free or at least free up to certain extent. We have created our own account with user name and password. What if we forget or password or some one hacks our Google Account. Google gives us an option to reset our password with either the recovery email address or with recovery phone number.

A recovery phone number is the number where you get a code when you are resetting your password. You can select the country and add your phone number for recovery purpose. Today in this tutorial we will see how to add or change Google account recovery phone number.

Go this website ““.

Now enter the username and the password of the Google account for which you want to add or edit the recovery phone number.

google phone

Click on “security” tab and then on “Add a phone number” from Recovery phone option.

Note:- If you want to change the Google account recovery phone number then you will see the previously added phone number and then an “Edit” button instead of “Add”. Rest of the process is same.

google phone

Click on “Add Phone“.

google phone

Now select the country where you stay and add the phone number. Click on “Save” button after that.

Now you have successfully added Google account recovery phone number.

Remember that it is not only used to reset your Google account phone number but also for logging into your account if you have enabled two steps verification process.

Two steps verification process is the process where you get a code, in the phone number which you have added, after you enter the password. When you enter the code then only you can log into your account.