With the new Gmail interface now you can save gmail accounts on a computer as shown in the picture below.

gmail2But what is the use of saving a Gmail account on a computer.

And the answer is if a computer is used by more than one person and if every person has their gmail account then they can save it on a computer as show in the picture below.

gmail3Now next time when they want to open their gmail account then they can just select their account by click on it and then enter the password and they can log into their account.

How to add a gmail account to a computer ?

At first log into this website “https://gmail.com“.

gmail1Now enter the gmail “user name” and “password“. Make sure that you have putĀ  a tick mark on the check box in front of “Stay signed in “.

Now click on “Sign in ” button. Once you sign out of your gmail you should see your gmail account saved on the computer as shown below.

gmail2Now if you want to add more than one gmail account then click on “Manage accounts on this device” link.

Similarly as mentioned above gmail “user name” and “password” should be entered and signed in. Then once, logged out from gmail, the address should be saved on the computer. Now you will see more than one saved address on the computer.

How to remove saved gmail address from a computer ?

For any reason, if you want to delete the saved gmail address from the computer then you go the gmail main page by logging into “https://mail.com”

gmail4Click on the “Remove” button. Then you will see cross marks on the right side of each saved gmail account.

removegmailaccountClick on the cross mark to remove the save gmail account. Once finished, click on “Done”.

In this way you can remove gmail account from a computer.